Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Post-Christmas Update

Just thought I'd give you all an update on our Christmas-time fun. We went to Tennessee to visit my granny and papa and spent Christmas with them.
I'm so glad we did that!

My granny is not doing very well. We think she is probably in the mid-stages of Alzheimer's and is losing some of her memory. She knew who we were, but several times while we were there, she grew confused and wasn't sure what was going on. I don't know how many more Christmases we will have with Granny, and I'm just so glad that we went and spent a few days there.

My papa was so excited that we came! He needed to see some happy, healthy faces. He takes care of my granny all on his own, so we were able to be there with him, and help him out some. He really enjoyed spending time with Merry and Kelsey. They really livened up the place!

We had a wonderful Christmas celebration with them, and we just got back home last night. TONIGHT my in-laws are coming into town and spending a few days with us, so I have spent all day trying to get my house organized and clean! Much thanks to MY mom, who came and helped me out today, just so I wouldn't be so stressed out! I really appreciate that, Mommy.

I have a roast in the crockpot, brownies in the oven, and towels in the guest room.
I think I have everything covered.
I'm sure we will have a marvellous time with Mom and Dad Lynn.
So...the Christmas celebration continues!

I hope you all are having a wonderful holiday.


Thursday, December 22, 2005

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I'm posting my Christmas post a little bit early because tomorrow morning Scott and the girls, my parents, Brandon and myself will be heading to Tennessee to celebrate Christmas with my mom's parents.
My Papa is so excited that we are coming for Christmas! He and my Granny usually spend Christmas alone, and someone from the family tries to go see them after the holiday. However, this year, I decided that we should try to get to Tennessee and be there for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. So, I arranged it all, and tomorrow we are on our way. :)
I can't wait to spend Christmas with my Granny and Papa, and give them the gifts that I made for them.


I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I hope that you are able to spend the holidays with your family and friends and that you feel the peace of God all about you this Christmas.
Eat well, laugh well, and live well.

May God bless you and keep you. May He cause His face to shine upon you and give you peace.

Merry Christmas.


Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Fondue for Two

Last night Scott took me on an awesome date! We went to The Melting Pot in Troy for some fondue. Oh my goodness! Talk about an awesome meal! I think we had a four course meal.
It started off with cheese fondue and they gave us bread, veggies and granny smith apples to dip in it.
Then they brought us salads. I'm not usually a salad person, but that salad was unbelievable! It had this great SWEET dressing on it...and slices of ham and mozzarella cheese. Oh my was so good.
Then they brought us the main course. It was a broth with oils and mushrooms and onions, etc. The meats were as follows: Lobster tail, black tiger shrimp, filet mignon medallions, sirloin steak, and cajun chicken. Oh boy! We ate and ate and ate. There were also some veggies to put in the pot, but we barely touched those because the meat was so good!
After we stuffed ourselves on all that, they brought out a chocolate fondue. We decided to try the s'mores version, milk chocolate swirled with marshmellow creme. First our waitress had us make a s'more...then she left us with a plate FULL of strawberries, pineapple, bananas, cheesecake, poundcake and brownie bites. We were so full we could barely move, but we forged ahead and tried it all out!
It was delicious. I highly recommend this place for a very romantic (expensive) date.
It was marvellous.
Thank you, Scott, for such a great night out!

Monday, December 19, 2005

Ten Random Things About Me

Okay...Judy got me started on this goes.


1. I am an avid reader...when I get the time! (I own at least 400 Christian novels)

2. I LOVE any weird flavor of hot tea.

3. I have road the LOOSEST sense of that phrase.

4. I have NEVER cut or trimmed my hair.

5. I wear a skirt every single day of my life. (or a dress)

6. I always fold my husband's underwear, even though he takes it and throws it in his drawer with no consideration for my efforts. Its just habit.

7. I am a major procrastinator...I hate that about me.

8. I am loyal unto death.

9. I would rather read or write than shop or talk.

10. My family is my highest priority, next to God.

Christmas For Christ

Well...we had our Christmas for Christ service yesterday. Wow! It went so well!
I wrote a narration and we had a total of seven special songs/dramatizations in between the Scripture readings.
My Sunday School class did a puppet show that went over REALLY well! They worked so hard at it! I was very proud of them.
My children's choir did AWESOME! Merry sang for the first time with the children's choir. It was so cute! She brought her stuffed dog (that goes EVERYWHERE with her) up on stage and sat it right by her feet while she sang! It was really cute! Scott took some very nice pictures that I will posting, hopefully later on today.

My adult choir did wonderfully well, too! We sang two pretty difficult songs, but they really did a great job.

Our youth group, HeavenBound Youth, did a dramatization to the song "One King" by Point of Grace. It was INCREDIBLE!!!! I got goosebumps watching them sign to that song. Erica Castaldini did an absolutely wonderful job on the solo for that song!

Alissa King and I sang a duet that went very well and then Bro. Vernon Alls sang a solo that was GREAT!

I was so happy that it went so very well. Now that all the stress of putting on that production is over with, I can relax and enjoy the holidays!
I will post some pictures, and possibly some music clips later on.

I hope everyone is having a marvellous time getting ready for Christmas.
Take care!


Thursday, December 15, 2005

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas...

Well...its white alright! Its been snowing here all day long. I'm not sure how many inches we have, but we got at least one inch, possibly two, in the past hour and a half.
The snow halfway up my calf, and over Kelsey's chubby little knees.
I took the girls out today to play in the snow, and they had a blast! I'm so glad I picked up snowpants for them from WalMart. Now they can roll in the snow as much as they want to!

We're heading to my sister's tomorrow for our family Christmas party. My parents, the girls, my foster brother, and Scott and I are going to be in Tennessee with my grandparents for Christmas. Therefore, we are doing an early Christmas party with my sister and her family.
I can't wait to give Zachariah all his presents. Yes...Auntie Kenna went a little over-budget on Zach. But what can I say? He's sooo cute! I had to buy him three different presents. And one of them is a backpack FULL of stuff!
Ah well...
I did better Christmas shopping for the girls.
Last year I went so overboard! Scott and I had a serious talk about keeping it simple this did. All of their gifts are small and simple, and I didn't spend too much money. They will actually play with everything I bought them...for once!

well...the snow isn't going to let up until we are stuck at home tonight.
Church was cancelled on account of the weather, and I will probably putz around here until the girls go to bed and then settle down to watch a movie. With some hot chocolate...yeah...that sounds great!

Love to you all...stay safe, if you are travelling in this weather!


Tuesday, December 13, 2005

A Prayer Request

Hey everyone:
Sorry I haven't posted anything recently. We have some virus going around here, and both girls and Scott have been sick. Merry has had a low-grade fever for three days, and I've been pretty busy taking care of some really grouchy girls.

Please pray for us, that we get well soon! I cannot afford to get sick right now. We have our Christmas program at church on Sunday, and I am in charge of it. So...getting sick right now would be really bad!

Thank you for your prayers.
May God bless and keep you this holiday season.


Saturday, December 10, 2005

Christmas Caroling

Christmas caroling Posted by Picasa

I took our young people Christmas caroling last night and tonight. It was alot of fun, but really cold!
We had a few people who were outright rude to us, and told us to leave, but for the most part, people opened their doors and listened to us sing.
I had never been caroling before, but I've always wanted to do it.
I really enjoyed myself. Plus, I got to spend some quality time with some of my favorite people.

Thanks, guys, for going with me!
I love you!


Riverdancing in New Jersey

My girls are really into Riverdance. They have watched our video until Scott and I are SICK of it! We have purchased one other dvd, and then Grammy Lynn bought them a dvd and gave it to them while we were in New Jersey for Thanksgiving.
Obviously, it was a great gift! They are dancing more than ever!
I think I may put Merry in ballet at some point here. I bet she'd love it!

Riverdancing in NJ Posted by Picasa

Riverdancing Fanatics!

More Riverdancing Posted by Picasa

Kelsey and Her Grammy

I love this picture of Kelsey hugging her Grammy Lynn.
My girls are blessed to have wonderful grandparents!
I am so thankful for all our parents.

Kelsey and Grammy Lynn at Thanksgiving Posted by Picasa

Even MORE Cousin pics!

Kelsey and Ethan, peas in a pod.

Kelsey and Ethan  Posted by Picasa

More Cousin pictures

Merry and Caleb Posted by Picasa

Merry and her pal, Caleb, had a blast playing together!

Time with the Cousins

Kelsey and Micah Posted by Picasa

These next few pictures are of the girls with their cousins, Micah, Ethan and Caleb Lynn.
They love their cousins! The older boys tolerate the girls pretty well. Although, Kelsey drives Ethan crazy! She loves him so much, and he is pretty good about letting her hang on him and hug him and follow him around. (they are two peas in a pod! Identical personalities.)
Caleb really likes hanging with the girls. He is right in between them, age-wise, and they all get along really well.
We had a wonderful time getting together with Mark, Maiya, Micah, Ethan and Caleb at Thanksgiving in New Jersey.

Zachariah's Blooming Personality

Zach is turning into QUITE a character! (as you can see by his grin in this photo!)
He really hams it up for the camera now, and I can always get good pics of him.
Next year it might not be quite as know...after he turns two...and things get wild!
But for now, he is the sweetest little boy ever.

Zachariah Posted by Picasa

Merry and Kelsey's Christmas picture

This is the best shot I got of the girls for Christmas. Hey, when you have to deal with a two year old and a three year old, its crazy! I'm lucky I got even one half-way decent picture! Oh well...they are cuties, no matter what.

Merry and Kelsey's Christmas picture Posted by Picasa

My Girls and Me

Here we are, in front of our LED Christmas tree. The girls love their candycane shirts that Mom Lynn got for them. I love the fact that we actually managed to get them to sit with me for a picture!

The girls and me Posted by Picasa

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Our First Christmas Together

Here is a picture that Scott took when I flew to New Jersey to meet "the folks". We had only been dating a little over a month, and were only about 25 days from being I was a bit nervous.
But the picture turned out okay.

Oh, to be that skinny again!!! Maybe someday. Yeah right...I don't see this happening unitl I am walking the Streets of Gold!

Me, before marriage and kids Posted by Picasa

Can You See the Glow of Love?

Here is a great picture that Scott took a day or two after we were engaged. I was quite self-concious, but he kept reassuring me that I was beautiful. I was glowing and obviously in love. :)
(and for those of you who are wondering, I'm still just as in love, or more so, than I was in this picture!)

Me, newly engaged Posted by Picasa

Sisters and Best Friends

Here is a picture of my sister and me, one year after her marriage, and half a year into mine. Katie and I are best friends. I don't know what I'd do without her.
Her birthday is coming up, and I just want her to know that I love her and am so thankful to have her as my sister and my best friend.
You are wonderful, Kate.
I love you.

Katie and Kendra (circa 2000) Posted by Picasa

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!

Oh my goodness! Its so beautiful here! We could get up to eight inches of snow tonight, and its gorgeous outside! The girls and I drove home from church VERY carefully, and as soon as we got home, changed into our snowpants and headed out for a few minutes. Merry insisted that Mommy make "Christmas Angels" in the snow. I came in quite wet and cold, but I had a very happy little girl because I actually laid down to make snow angels!
The girls look so cute in their pink and purple snow pants and jackets...they are so excited about winter!
If we ever DO move to Traverse City, they are going to LOVE the winter weather!

Well, the bedtime "bell" is about to ring, so I better wrap it up and get the girlys to bed.

Goodnight, All!

When They were Babies

Here they are, as babies, last summer. Wow...I look back at this picture and remember how much fun they had that day at the zoo. But look how small they were!
Boy, were they excited about that duck! Scott got the perfect picture there. I will treasure it always. It captures the innocence and awe of babyhood.

Merry and Kelsey with the duck Posted by Picasa

Little Girls

I just found this picture of the girls, taken in October at our church.
Scott and I were looking at it, and he remarked, "They are little girls. They just aren't babies anymore."
Its so true. I love this stage, but I miss those chubby little babies!
But aren't they just so cute?

Merry and Kelsey at church Posted by Picasa

Monday, December 05, 2005

Nathan, Katie and Zachariah

I've had a few people asking about Katie lately, so I am posting a fairly recent picture of her family for you all. She lives in Gowen, MI, which is a 30 or 40 minute drive from Grand Rapids. She works as a legal secretary in a great law firm in downtown GR. She and her family go to a church in Rockford, MI that is pastored by her father-in-law and she is very involved there with the youth group and the music.
Zachariah is now almost 15 months old and a real sweetie, although he keeps his mommy and daddy on their toes now that he can walk!

So, there you go, an update on my sweet sister and her awesome family.
If you want to get in touch with Kate, contact me and I will give you her info.

Nate, Kate and Zach Posted by Picasa

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Merry's First Day of School

I finally downloaded pictures from Merry's first day of school. She was so so excited! Here she is, ready with her "undecorated" totebag. (you can read all about that little mistake in my September archives.) Look at her smile! I'm so glad she likes school. She asks if she's going almost every morning.

Merry's First day of School Posted by Picasa

Little Drummer Boy

Here is my baby boy, nephew Zachariah. Oh, he's so precious! I went to Grand Rapids and watched him a couple weeks ago for my sister. I dolled him all up as you can see. His daddy is a drummer, and Zach seems to already have a knack for banging on things. I decided to style his hair to match his newfound talent. Cute, huh?

Little Drummer Boy Posted by Picasa

Umbrella Girls

Here are the girls with their beloved umbrellas. They are very spoiled. My mom, sister, myself, and all the kids went shopping one day, and Merry saw "THE UMBRELLA". My mom finds it hard to say "no" sometimes...and Merry was so, both girls ended up with umbrellas.
They begged me to play in the rain with their umbrellas, and I got some awesome pictures of them! This is my favorite.
Aren't they cute little ladybugs?

My Cuties Posted by Picasa

What a Doll!

Scott just downloaded this picture of Merry from his camera phone. I LOVE her smile! What a doll! She looks so grownup now...not many traces of my baby left.

What a Doll! Posted by Picasa

My Geek and Me

Here's a great picture of Scott and me when we went up to Traverse City in late August. He's such a geek...I tease him because he can't go anywhere without his laptop, but he's such a great husband, that it doesn't even matter!
As you can tell by my t-shirt, "I Love My Geek".

My Geek and Me Posted by Picasa