Thursday, September 07, 2006

First Days of School, A Concert, and New Friends

We have had a very busy week! Whew...where do I start??
First, we had Labor Day. We went out to my aunt and uncle's cabin and had a good time with my dad's family. I don't quite recall what we did on Tuesday, but we kept pretty busy.
Merry got another spider bite, on her eye this time. I noticed it Tuesday afternoon and gave her some Benydryl and put her down for a nap. After her nap, it was looking even more red and swollen, and I tried to get her into her pediatrician but the office was closed for the evening. So, I gave her some more medication and put her to bed. Wednesday morning she woke up and her eye was so swollen and red that she could barely open it. I got her in to see the doctor and found out it was probably a spider bite and already very infected. They put her on heavy-duty antibiotics and Benydryl and it is clearing up.
After taking her to the doctor on Wednesday, I had to take her to Visitation Day at her preschool. She got reacquainted with her teachers and friends and had a great time. We went from there to pick up Kelsey at my dad's and then home for a brief nap.
After naptime, we headed over to the church because we had a concert with The MacDonald Family Singers. It was an awesome concert, and the MacDonald's are wonderful people. The concert began at seven, and we didn't leave the church until eleven, due to some great fellowship afterwards.
I will try to post some pictures of the concert tomorrow, if at all possible.

Today was Kelsey's Visitation Day at preschool. Oh my! That girl was so excited she couldn't see straight! She LOVED her teachers, the activities and meeting new friends. But most of all, she LOVED her new totebag that the school gave her! We brought it home and after naptime we decorated Merry and Kelsey's totebags for school. They are extremely fancy, and the girls are thrilled.

Tonight we had Bible Study at the church, and I had 14 kids (my kids' choir kids) in a tiny room decorating hats for a concert we are doing this fall. They were wild, noisy and a handful, but they had a blast, and so did I.

We just got the girls in bed, and its time to crash.
I will try to post pictures tomorrow of the concert and Merry's first official day of school.