Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I just found out that a young man I am acquainted with, passed away last night. He had cancer. I believe colon cancer. He was in his mid-thirties, and left behind a beautiful wife and two small children. He was a minister and sang like an angel.

It has reminded me that life is so short. There is no guarantee that any of us will be here tomorrow. I want to take today to remember my loved ones, and to show them how much they mean to me. I want to be able to hug them today, and tell them that I love them.

I want to spend my time showing my loved ones just how much I care.

Life is short, what will YOU do with your time?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sweet Slumber

Sweet, peaceful slumber...
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Momma's Boy

Tyler looks JUST like his momma did. Grammy put a bonnet on him, and he looked just like mommy at this age. Its absolutely crazy. He's pretty enough to be a girl, isn't he?
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We had the opportunity to spend some time with Tyler today. He is so big! He rolled over from back to stomach for the first time last night. I can't believe he's already five months old!

The girls had a wonderful time playing with him today. They talked baby-talk to him, helped me feed him, and watched a Baby Einstein dvd with him.

We all went for walk and the girls pushed him the stroller. He fell asleep, and I have decided that there is nothing more beautiful than a sleeping baby. Such innocence and peace...

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Beautiful Girls

I have beautiful girls. They are beautiful, inside and out.
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Monday, July 13, 2009

Merry Swims

Merry swims for the first time.

Foam Fun!

One morning, the girls arrived at camp and had to wade through a sea of foam to reach their classroom. This is a camp tradition, and always a big surprise for the kids. It is never announced, they just show up one day to a LOT of bubbles. Sometimes it is as tall as the kids, and they have to feel their way to the door.
The girls really enjoyed that!

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Swimming is always a big part of our trips to NJ. Camp Briar Hill has two large pools, one that is a two-foot pool for the kiddies, and one that is Olympic-sized for the older kids. We spent a lazy day floating about the pool...and discovered that Meredith can actually swim a little bit! Apparently, those lessons while at camp really work.
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American Museum Part Two

It was nice to walk around the museum with Scott's parents. We all enjoyed the family time.

I had to take a picture with this giant tortoise/turtle/whatever. I love turtles, and the girls wanted to pose with me.
Scott wanted to pose next to this weird creature. Apparently he did a report on this particular dinosaur when in school, and was excited to see it in person.
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American Museum of Natural History

Our girls are dinosaur enthusiasts. They love anything having to do with dinos. We decided that they were old enough to go to New York City to the American Museum of Natural History, and so, on the 4th of July, we took a little trip.
Kelsey was especially impressed. She had seen the movie, "Night at the Museum" and wanted to see the T-Rex. So, that was our first stop. They wanted to pose with every dinosaur they saw. We had a very fun day at the museum, and the girls will never forget their first dinosaur experience.

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Brielle is one of our favorite beaches in NJ. One night, Scott took the girls on an adventure to Brielle. They had never been there before, and he took them down to the ocean and for ice cream. They had a lovely time, splashing in the surf.

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Horse Decorating

Camp Briar Hill has a lot of neat things for the kids to do. Our very good friend, Barbara Clune has been the program/special events director there for many years. This year, she was unable to be there because she has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. The doctors are not giving her much time to live, and we are all very saddened.

Before she got too ill, Barbara organized some of the activities for the camp this year. One of them was a brand new event, Horse Decorating. The kids always enjoy the petting zoo and horse rides, but this year, they were allowed to "decorate" the horses. They were supplied with leis, hats and glitter, as well as brushes for grooming and ribbons for the horses manes.
They LOVED this activity! We are ever so thankful for Barbara and her innovative ideas.

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Camp Briar Hill

Camp Briar Hill is so much fun for the girls. This is their first day of camp. Kelsey said they were going to "dino camp" because the theme this year is "Dinosaurs". Check out the camp website to see all the fun stuff available at Camp Briar Hill.
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Jersey Shore

The boardwalk rides were exciting. This is the firs time that the girls rode "big" rides. Gone are the days of kiddie rides. Now come the days of rollercoasters and thrills! I was a nervous wreck watching them on all the "big kid" rides.

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Jersey Boardwalk

We were able to take the girls to the Jersey shore a couple of times. One boardwalk had a lot of rides and games for the girls. They had a wonderful time enjoying the sun and the fun.
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Water Park Fun 2

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Waterpark Fun

Scott's parents own a nursery school and summer day camp. We just spent two and a half weeks in NJ with them, and the girls got to try out the new waterpark at the day camp! They were the first little kids in the waterpark, and they LOVED it! Here are a few pics of the summer fun.

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