Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Summertime Frenzy

So...its summertime. Monday was the girls' first day off for the summer, and boy, let me tell you, they are so excited! They don't want to go ANYWHERE, unless its Grampy and Grammy's. They don't want to run errands. They don't want to help me garden. They only want to play, and play, and play.

The entire month of June is crazy for us. Last week was busy with end of school programs and last minute things to do. This week has been full of housework, party-planning for a Discovery Toys party (www.discoverytoys.com) and Kelsey's sixth birthday party. We have lots of family coming into town for the weekend, and so so much to do.
A lady in our church passed away, and I am helping with the funeral dinner tomorrow, plus going on a date night with my husband and some friends. The girls are going to stay with my parents and we are going on a dinner cruise on the Detroit River. Should be lots of fun!

Next week I have the girls' well visits with the pediatrician, and church prayer meetings on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights. Thursday night is Bible study at church and Friday night we have a prophecy conference at our church!
Then comes Fathers' Day and our vacation to New Jersey.

So, the summertime frenzy is here, in full force. If you don't hear much from me for the month of June, you now know why.
Hugs to you all...enjoy the sunshine!