Monday, September 26, 2005

Merry's Visit to the Allergist

We took Merry to visit the allergist today, hoping to get some insight on these crazy spider bites she's been getting!
Turns out that she's too young to have skin testing done, to determine the intensity of the allergy, and she's too young to be given Epipins (is that the correct spelling? I'm not too sure on that.). So, the doctor told us to call an exterminator to get rid of the bugs and spiders, and to bring her in the next time she gets a bite.
Much to my relief, my little girl did NOT have to have pins poked into her back or any shots. The visit didn't involve needles of any kind, thank heavens!

I will keep you all updated on her progress, and by the way, I hope to post some new pictures of the girls and Zachariah very soon. :)

God bless.

Friday, September 23, 2005



I lean upon Him
As I walk through Life.
I know He is my only Hope.
“Leaning, leaning... “

I feel His strong arm
Supporting me
As I slip down into the dark valley.
“Safe and secure... “

His touch is gentle
As He brushes away
My tears of Hurt and Sorrow.
“... from all alarm... “

I feel His hand
Urging me on
As I trudge back up the Mountain.
“Leaning, leaning... “

I know He will always be there,
Holding me up, and keeping me safe,
As I journey through Life.
“Leaning on the Everlasting Arm! “

Written by Kendra Roberts
March 23, 1996

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

A New Creature

A New Creature

The caterpillar lives its days
Crawling, belly to the ground,
Hiding beneath leaves and in the grass
From its predators,
Desperately trying to survive.

One day,
The caterpillar, unable to bear life anymore
Wraps itself in a cocoon,
Sealing itself away from the world,
And falls into a deep, life-changing sleep.

And then, a miracle takes place.
The ugly caterpillar awakens
From its lonely sleep, only to find
That it is changed!
It emerges from its safe cocoon, a new creature.

No longer a ground traveler,
No longer a colorless blob,
Crawling along with the rest of the dirt creatures.
Now she is new,
A beautiful butterfly.

She spreads her wings and flies,
Up, up, up,
Into the blue sky of the Creator of Life.
Her wings reflect the colors of the rainbow,
And she soars above the treetops.

You and I are like the caterpillar.
Living our days,
Every day like the day before.
Hiding in this world,
Desperately trying to survive.

You and I , one day,
Grew tired of this ugly world,
And looked for a sanctuary for our souls.
We found safety in God,
And were baptized and filled with His Spirit.

And then, a miracle took place.
You and I emerged from the waters of baptism,
Only to find that we were changed.
Born again in of the Spirit and the water,
A new creature, in Christ.

No longer do we travel the road of sin,
No longer do we embrace the world.
Now we are new,
And we walk in the newness of Life,
Beautiful Butterflies, as it were.

We spread our wings and fly,
Up, up, up,
Into the Eastern sky,
Our robes of righteousness reflecting the glory of God.
And we soar, forever changed.

First Colds of the Season

Well, here we are, barely into Autumn, and our whole family is sick with a cold.
The girls are sneezing, coughing, having runny noses.
Scott and I are feeling run down, sneezing, coughing, and have sore throats. Ugh.
That is just about my only complaint about the fall/winter season. Colds. I can handle ALMOST any other sickness, but that crazy cold can knock me flat in one day!

Thankfully, we haven't had any bouts of asthma (Merry's prone to that) or pnemonia or my migraines.
I guess I need to be happy that we are as healthy as we are! :)

In all honesty, God has been awfully good to our family, and I really can't complain.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Yard Sale Totals

Well...okay...I did pretty well on my yard sale.
Even though my back is out and I am so tired I can barely keep my eyes open, I made right around 400 dollars at the yard sale.
Pretty good if I do say so myself. :)
It was alot of work...but I'm glad I did it.

Next year I am going to advertise in the newspaper and maybe even hang up some flyers around town.
I think that would help with sales.

Well...I'm off to rest my weary bones.

p.s. Thanks alot for all your prayers for Merry. She's doing great!

Friday, September 09, 2005

Yard Sales...Waste of Time or WorthWhile?

Okay...what do you all think?
Are yard sales a waste of time or are they worthwhile?

I have been having a yard sale this weekend at my mom's.
I started it yesterday and it ends tomorrow.
I made about 100 dollars yesterday, and maybe 110 today.
I may make another hundred tomorrow, but its VERY hard to tell. it worth 300 dollars in three days for me to just SIT for roughly 21 hours and man a yardsale? Is it worth it for me to have to have my mom watch the kids most of the time while I sit there? Is it worth it for me to have to price things high just so I can make a little moolah when people haggle me down?

I don't know.
I'm tired, sunburned (yes, I know, my own fault!), and sore from too little exercise.
I spent 20 minutes tonight haggling with some people for 18 dollars. That's less than a dollar a minute...was the headache worth it?


Some of the money I earn will go toward the offering our church is taking up on Sunday for the victims of Katrina. Some will go toward winter clothes for my girls. And if I'm lucky, I'll have some left over to put toward paint, lamps and curtains for the girls playroom.

So...I guess I look at having a yard sale this way...NO PAIN, NO GAIN.

What do YOU think?

p.s. By the way, Merry is well on her way back to health. She's as wild as ever!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

A BIG Scare!

Wow...this has been an eventful week for us Lynn's.

I noticed today that Merry had another bite on her ankle, and started getting a little worried.
I cleaned the bite, just as her pediatrician had instructed me, and put her down for a nap. When she got up, her ankle was a little more red and swollen, so I gave her a Benedryl around five p.m.
The bite seemed to get redder and redder every time I looked at it. I cleaned it several more times and put a cool compress on it...nothing helped.
I finally called Scott and told him I thought we needed to take her to Urgent Care.

He came over around 6:30 and looked at her ankle. He agreed to take her and I took Kelsey home.
He called me around seven saying that they were at Urgent Care and asking me a bunch of questions about what meds I had given her and was she allergic to this or that.
In the background I could hear a nurse saying, "Wake up, Meredith. Don't fall asleep...stay awake!"
I wondered what that was all about, but Scott didn't say anything to me, and I gave him the info I could and he hung up.
About ten minutes later he called me and said that Meredith had passed out on the way over to Urgent Care and that they had her awake, but were sending her to St.Joseph Mercy Hospital in Ann Arbor by ambulance!
I rushed Kelsey to my parents', took my mom with me, and hurried to the hospital.

When we got there I ran in and they informed me that the ambulance wasn't there yet!
Now I was really really worried. I called everyone I could think of to pray, and did some praying myself.
My mom joined me in the emergency room, and as we were waiting, a couple and their little boy stopped by. The lady leaned down and hugged me and said, "I feel so badly for you...I know you are scared right now." I asked her to say a prayer and she said she would. Its amazing how tragedy can bring together perfect strangers like that.

A minute or so later they told me that Merry was in a room and I could go back.
She was screaming and crying, so I just followed her cries back to her room.
It took me a few minutes to calm her down, but once she stopped crying she asked to watch a movie and for her milk.
She sat on my lap and seemed just fine.

The doctor came in and looked at her. She said she thought that Merry was bitten by a spider, and her ankle became infected. She didn't know why Merry passed out. She hadn't had a fever or convulsions. From all appearances, she fell into a very deep sleep and didn't rouse from it for about fifteen minutes.
We don't know if it was cause by the Benedryl or what.

All I know is that my baby is okay. They've put her back on antibiotics and she goes to see her pediatrician for a checkup tomorrow.
Right now we are spoiling her rotten. She's sitting in her little chair, watching Pocahontas and struggling to stay awake.

I am so so thankful for all of you who took time out to pray!
A special thanks to my mom and sister for caring out ME during this trying evening.
Also, special thanks to Bro. Zane and Sis. Alissa King for coming to the hospital to pray for Merry.

And thank You, Jesus, for touching my baby girl!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Merry's First Day

Well, I survived Merry's first day of preschool. What a relief!
She was SO excited to go today!
When we arrived at the school, I could barely get her to slow down...she ran up the steps and kept pulling on my hand.
"Let's go to school, Mommy!"

The teacher let her keep her little stuffed dog in her tote bag, so that if she got scared or lonely she could go to her cubby and take her doggy out for a hug. I don't think she even remembered he was there with her today!

Mrs. Dale opened the doors and Merry went right to her cubby, pointed out her name that was posted there, and took off for the art center. I had to chase her down to pin her nametag on her!
Mrs. Morris gave me good advice, "Do your normal goodbye ritual, and leave," she said. So I did.
Merry stopped running long enough to hug me and kiss me, and when I left she was doing a puzzle at one of the tables.

She didn't even miss me. :( My baby is growing up!

Only one little incident we were waiting for Mrs.Dale to open the doors, all the kids were showing each other their totebags (provided by the school). I had NO IDEA that I was supposed to doctor up Merry's tote! All the other kids had bells, ribbons, appliques, etc. on their totebags. Merry and ONE other little girl only had their names on theirs.
Two little boys standing across from Merry and me were showing off their bags.
Merry reached up, took her bag from me and started examining it. frills...what will we do???
"Look," she said. "Here's my's my name!"

Oh man, was I embarrassed!
As you can probably guess, Kelsey and I made a trip to WalMart and I picked up all the necessary stuff to make her bag pretty. When she returns to school on Thursday, she can show off her bag!

Any of you moms have any other items to inform me of? I don't want to be the odd duck.

A New Poem

A Word Fitly Spoken

A word spoken gently
Can tame even the greatest of beasts.
A word spoken gently
Can hush even the loudest of cries.
A word spoken gently
Can calm even the fiercest of storms.
Speak gently.
A word spoken in love
Can change even the most difficult situations.
A word spoken in love
Can stop even the harshest of deeds.
A word spoken in love
Can thaw even the most frozen of hearts.
Speak in love.
A word spoken in anger
Can crush even the strongest hope.
A word spoken in anger
Can push even the mightiest to the brink of despair.
A word spoken in anger
Can harm even the most resilient child.
Refrain from anger.
A word spoken in judgment
Can hurt even those closest to God.
A word spoken in judgment
Can turn away even the dearest of friends.
A word spoken in judgment
Can poison even the healthiest of souls.
Refrain from judgment.
Speak in truth
God’s truth.
Speak gently
With the love of God.
Refrain from angry retorts
Or judgments that belong
Only to God.
Use your words wisely.
Think before your speak.
A word should be spoken fitly,
And beautifully.
May each of us
Learn to let God’s
Holy Truth guide our tongues.

Monday, September 05, 2005



I stumbled along blindly,
My heart filled with
Fear and despair.
All I could see were
My overwhelming problems
And the fast-approaching,
Fearsome Darkness…

I tried to overcome it all
By myself with
No one to help.
But my fear was too great,
And the enemy’s troops
Were closing in close
About me…

And then, in the midst of
The blinding Darkness,
There came a flash of Light!
My eyes were opened and
Vision came to me.
I saw the army of God
Surrounding the enemy.

Fear and despair ran…
Darkness and blindness fled…
I stood in the Light of God
With new Vision…
New hope and new faith…
And a new desire to
Trust in God.

With the new Vision,
I can clearly see that
My God is in control.
I see His hand
Reaching for mine…
And I will follow
In His footsteps forever.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Fits and Fun

Well, Merry's visitation at preschool was LOTS of fun.
Her teachers are very nice and capable, the room was HUGE and filled with tons of great toys, and she got to make two art projects while we were there!

The biggest draw for her was this sandbox playarea with shovels and pails and little wheels that sift the sand. She played there with a couple of other kids for at least fifteen minutes.

When it was time to go, we tried to get her to leave (which normally isn't a problem), and the kid FREAKED!!!!
I have NEVER seen her throw a fit like that! In front of at least 20 other parents and that many other kids and four teachers!
She screamed and kicked and sobbed through our goodbyes, the gathering of her totebag and the walk to the car!
The she proceeded to cry all the way home. We made two stops on the way home and she cried all the way. It was at least a fifteen minute crying jag.

I told Scott, "At least I don't have to worry about her crying when I drop her off on the first day!"
Picking her up may be a different story....whew....hopefully we can avoid another "scene" and she'll be her normal, angelic self.

Needless to say, the emotion I was feeling today was NOT was frustration, which is NOT what I expected!

At least she had fun, until the fits kicked in!