Monday, September 05, 2005



I stumbled along blindly,
My heart filled with
Fear and despair.
All I could see were
My overwhelming problems
And the fast-approaching,
Fearsome Darkness…

I tried to overcome it all
By myself with
No one to help.
But my fear was too great,
And the enemy’s troops
Were closing in close
About me…

And then, in the midst of
The blinding Darkness,
There came a flash of Light!
My eyes were opened and
Vision came to me.
I saw the army of God
Surrounding the enemy.

Fear and despair ran…
Darkness and blindness fled…
I stood in the Light of God
With new Vision…
New hope and new faith…
And a new desire to
Trust in God.

With the new Vision,
I can clearly see that
My God is in control.
I see His hand
Reaching for mine…
And I will follow
In His footsteps forever.

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pattiroberts said...

Another nice poem.