Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Merry's First Day

Well, I survived Merry's first day of preschool. What a relief!
She was SO excited to go today!
When we arrived at the school, I could barely get her to slow down...she ran up the steps and kept pulling on my hand.
"Let's go to school, Mommy!"

The teacher let her keep her little stuffed dog in her tote bag, so that if she got scared or lonely she could go to her cubby and take her doggy out for a hug. I don't think she even remembered he was there with her today!

Mrs. Dale opened the doors and Merry went right to her cubby, pointed out her name that was posted there, and took off for the art center. I had to chase her down to pin her nametag on her!
Mrs. Morris gave me good advice, "Do your normal goodbye ritual, and leave," she said. So I did.
Merry stopped running long enough to hug me and kiss me, and when I left she was doing a puzzle at one of the tables.

She didn't even miss me. :( My baby is growing up!

Only one little incident today...as we were waiting for Mrs.Dale to open the doors, all the kids were showing each other their totebags (provided by the school). I had NO IDEA that I was supposed to doctor up Merry's tote! All the other kids had bells, ribbons, appliques, etc. on their totebags. Merry and ONE other little girl only had their names on theirs.
Two little boys standing across from Merry and me were showing off their bags.
Merry reached up, took her bag from me and started examining it. Uh-oh...no frills...what will we do???
"Look," she said. "Here's my bag...here's my name!"

Oh man, was I embarrassed!
As you can probably guess, Kelsey and I made a trip to WalMart and I picked up all the necessary stuff to make her bag pretty. When she returns to school on Thursday, she can show off her bag!

Any of you moms have any other items to inform me of? I don't want to be the odd duck.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, Kenna!
I don't think you have to worry about being "the odd duck"! Merry certainly was not ... she pointed to her NAME which was important enough for her. ;o)
The description you provided made my heart sing as it reminded me so much of our "center-of-interest" teaching days. Oh, how I long for that method of Sunday School again. IF we'd continued using that process, Merry would already be acclimated to that type of environment for "school" and would be leading the rest of the students. Not to fear, though, little Merry will be leading, regardless!
Congratulations on surviving the "first day" experience. Now go out for ice cream, give my Kelsey and great big squeeze, and know you're all growing into another life phase. Hooray for you all!
Love . . . Jude ;o)