Monday, September 26, 2005

Merry's Visit to the Allergist

We took Merry to visit the allergist today, hoping to get some insight on these crazy spider bites she's been getting!
Turns out that she's too young to have skin testing done, to determine the intensity of the allergy, and she's too young to be given Epipins (is that the correct spelling? I'm not too sure on that.). So, the doctor told us to call an exterminator to get rid of the bugs and spiders, and to bring her in the next time she gets a bite.
Much to my relief, my little girl did NOT have to have pins poked into her back or any shots. The visit didn't involve needles of any kind, thank heavens!

I will keep you all updated on her progress, and by the way, I hope to post some new pictures of the girls and Zachariah very soon. :)

God bless.


mom said...

Thank the Lord!
I believe it is spelled. . .
Epipen, as in Epinephren Pen.
Love ya

Judy said...

My niece just went to the allergist about two weeks ago - she's 18 months old - and they did the skin prick test - 30 pricks???? Maybe???? They narrowed her allergy down to about 7 things - all foods. Poor kiddo. She didn't mind the pricks, but the reactions haven't been a walk in the park for her apparently.

Prayers that you find answers soon!