Wednesday, September 07, 2005

A BIG Scare!

Wow...this has been an eventful week for us Lynn's.

I noticed today that Merry had another bite on her ankle, and started getting a little worried.
I cleaned the bite, just as her pediatrician had instructed me, and put her down for a nap. When she got up, her ankle was a little more red and swollen, so I gave her a Benedryl around five p.m.
The bite seemed to get redder and redder every time I looked at it. I cleaned it several more times and put a cool compress on it...nothing helped.
I finally called Scott and told him I thought we needed to take her to Urgent Care.

He came over around 6:30 and looked at her ankle. He agreed to take her and I took Kelsey home.
He called me around seven saying that they were at Urgent Care and asking me a bunch of questions about what meds I had given her and was she allergic to this or that.
In the background I could hear a nurse saying, "Wake up, Meredith. Don't fall asleep...stay awake!"
I wondered what that was all about, but Scott didn't say anything to me, and I gave him the info I could and he hung up.
About ten minutes later he called me and said that Meredith had passed out on the way over to Urgent Care and that they had her awake, but were sending her to St.Joseph Mercy Hospital in Ann Arbor by ambulance!
I rushed Kelsey to my parents', took my mom with me, and hurried to the hospital.

When we got there I ran in and they informed me that the ambulance wasn't there yet!
Now I was really really worried. I called everyone I could think of to pray, and did some praying myself.
My mom joined me in the emergency room, and as we were waiting, a couple and their little boy stopped by. The lady leaned down and hugged me and said, "I feel so badly for you...I know you are scared right now." I asked her to say a prayer and she said she would. Its amazing how tragedy can bring together perfect strangers like that.

A minute or so later they told me that Merry was in a room and I could go back.
She was screaming and crying, so I just followed her cries back to her room.
It took me a few minutes to calm her down, but once she stopped crying she asked to watch a movie and for her milk.
She sat on my lap and seemed just fine.

The doctor came in and looked at her. She said she thought that Merry was bitten by a spider, and her ankle became infected. She didn't know why Merry passed out. She hadn't had a fever or convulsions. From all appearances, she fell into a very deep sleep and didn't rouse from it for about fifteen minutes.
We don't know if it was cause by the Benedryl or what.

All I know is that my baby is okay. They've put her back on antibiotics and she goes to see her pediatrician for a checkup tomorrow.
Right now we are spoiling her rotten. She's sitting in her little chair, watching Pocahontas and struggling to stay awake.

I am so so thankful for all of you who took time out to pray!
A special thanks to my mom and sister for caring out ME during this trying evening.
Also, special thanks to Bro. Zane and Sis. Alissa King for coming to the hospital to pray for Merry.

And thank You, Jesus, for touching my baby girl!


Anonymous said...
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Kendra Lynn said...
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Monica said...

Scott & Kendra, after all we have been through with Nathan this past month, I can understand your scare! We are praying for Merry, and also for strength for you as parents. How's Kelsey doing? We love you!

Jim Fisher said...

Im glad your daughter is OK, I think sometimes that God gives us these little scares to show us what we have. Not that we dont appreciate our children, but every time we come close to tragety, we have a heightened awarness of the gift of life. I hope it was just the Benedril making her sleep. I know Benedril knocks my daughter right out and she's 13 years old. I will say a prayer for the well being of your daughter. God bless

Lauren said...

Ok Kendra! I am so sad that you and Merry and Scott had to go through that. I can't even imagine. I am amazingly thankful that Merry is ok. PLEASE keep us posted on any other news from her doctor. I am in shock! I will pray that Merry stays really healthy from now on! Poor little girl. :( Please give her and Kelsey a big hug from me and I'm sending one to you too!
Love you lots. You are an amazing Mom!!

pattiroberts said...

Grammy loves Meredith and I'm so glad that she is feeling better.
Kendra & Scott, I'm sorry you had to go through the awful ordeal of seeing your precious little girl in such a vulnerable state.
I remember well the nights Grampy and & I agonized about Kendra's health. The Lord brought us all through it and He'll help your little family as well.
We love you all!