Tuesday, September 13, 2005

A New Creature

A New Creature

The caterpillar lives its days
Crawling, belly to the ground,
Hiding beneath leaves and in the grass
From its predators,
Desperately trying to survive.

One day,
The caterpillar, unable to bear life anymore
Wraps itself in a cocoon,
Sealing itself away from the world,
And falls into a deep, life-changing sleep.

And then, a miracle takes place.
The ugly caterpillar awakens
From its lonely sleep, only to find
That it is changed!
It emerges from its safe cocoon, a new creature.

No longer a ground traveler,
No longer a colorless blob,
Crawling along with the rest of the dirt creatures.
Now she is new,
A beautiful butterfly.

She spreads her wings and flies,
Up, up, up,
Into the blue sky of the Creator of Life.
Her wings reflect the colors of the rainbow,
And she soars above the treetops.

You and I are like the caterpillar.
Living our days,
Every day like the day before.
Hiding in this world,
Desperately trying to survive.

You and I , one day,
Grew tired of this ugly world,
And looked for a sanctuary for our souls.
We found safety in God,
And were baptized and filled with His Spirit.

And then, a miracle took place.
You and I emerged from the waters of baptism,
Only to find that we were changed.
Born again in of the Spirit and the water,
A new creature, in Christ.

No longer do we travel the road of sin,
No longer do we embrace the world.
Now we are new,
And we walk in the newness of Life,
Beautiful Butterflies, as it were.

We spread our wings and fly,
Up, up, up,
Into the Eastern sky,
Our robes of righteousness reflecting the glory of God.
And we soar, forever changed.

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pattiroberts said...

Excellent poem, honey. You've done a great job depicting the "newness" of life that a person experiences when they live for the Lord. I'm thankful for your Christian life and proud to call you my daughter.