Friday, September 23, 2005



I lean upon Him
As I walk through Life.
I know He is my only Hope.
“Leaning, leaning... “

I feel His strong arm
Supporting me
As I slip down into the dark valley.
“Safe and secure... “

His touch is gentle
As He brushes away
My tears of Hurt and Sorrow.
“... from all alarm... “

I feel His hand
Urging me on
As I trudge back up the Mountain.
“Leaning, leaning... “

I know He will always be there,
Holding me up, and keeping me safe,
As I journey through Life.
“Leaning on the Everlasting Arm! “

Written by Kendra Roberts
March 23, 1996


Anonymous said...

Very cool, I like this one a lot.

- BlueJean Guy

Momma said...

You've always liked that song, haven't you? You've done a great job on this poem.
I love you.

Judy said...

I really like this one Kendra. Good job!