Sunday, July 08, 2007

I'm Alive!

Hey, everybody.
So sorry I haven't been posting. Life has been a bit crazy around IS summertime, after all.
We had a great time in New to spend some quality time with Scott's folks, celebrated Kelsey's fourth birthday while there, and worked alot on the summer camp.
We got home and have been going full force since then.
I have a full week of playdates, company for dinner two evenings, and then a young adults' party after church next my house of course. :)
What fun!
We are enjoying the sunshine and warm weather.
We will be moving into our new church building, hopefully, by the first of September...we have alot of remodling to do between now and then.
We sign the closing papers next week. you can see, its been crazy busy around here.
Oh yeah...and I've developed this really weird bruise on my leg...don't know where it came say a prayer...its not improving at this time...anyways...just pray.
Thanks...I miss you all.