Monday, April 10, 2006

Meredith's River Dance

Alot of you know about Merry and her obsession with RiverDance, the Irish Dance Troupe. Here is a clip of her riverdancing about six to nine months ago. She is much bigger now than she was in this clip, but she still loves RiverDance.

Meredith Riverdancing (3mb)


Angela Richardson said...

Aww...this was so cute! What sweet girls you have.

Have a great day!

grammy said...

Way to go, Merry! Grammy loves to watch her dance!

Lauren said...

That is just adorable! Meredith is amazing, she's doing their steps! I can't get over how cute that was. SO glad you have this on film. Merry and Kelsey are just the cutest little girls in the world.
Love you and see you soon!
Lauren :)