Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Spring, Asthma and Laundry

Well, seemingly, spring is here. Although, its a typical Michigan spring. One where its 80 degrees one day and 50 the next. Lovely, don't you think? That brings me to my next topic. Asthma.
My kids went through the entire winter with no episodes, and suddenly, (due to the wishy-washy spring weather) are coughing up their lungs. I am trying to use Albuterol sparingly because the girls get so hyper when I give them their breathing treatments. Hyper and irritable. Combine their irritablity with my PMS and the fact that Scott is on a business trip, and I'm sure you can imagine the shape my home is in.
Which brings me to the NEXT topic. Am I the only person who has FIVE loads of laundry to put away? I don't mind washing or folding the clothes. I HATE putting the clothes away.
So, there you have it. My week in just a few words.
Maybe next week will be better.



Judy said...

Apparently, we can wash and dry clothes here, but getting them from the dryer is our hang up. I was upset because I couldn't find any of Tyler's socks and voila! In the dryer.

Alissa said...

It seems like I ALWAYS have clothes to put away. It never ends. Never.

Hope everyone gets to feeling better. My allergies are acting up, too.

Kim said...

Hey Ken, Ask your doctor about Advair. Mitch only uses it when the Abuterol gets too be too much and it helps him get over the attack faster. He's still crabby but it doesn't take as long to feel better!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

tell merry i said happy birthday::))

Rachel said...

I have had asthma all my life. It's an awful thing to have. Thankfully it's better controlled now than when I was a kid!!

Hope you got that laundry put away by now!! It's not much fun is it? :)

Jamie Dawn said...

Sorry to hear that the girls' asthma is acting up.
I grew up having asthma, and thankfully I have outgrown it. I remember my inhaler would make me feel all hyper and jittery.

Laundry is neverending...
I love the smell of the laundry room when the clothes are washing, especially when it's whites with bleach. I don't like folding OR putting them away. I don't mind laundry that much because it reminds me that I have a family that I love that I am taking care of. :)

Michael said...

Yikes! PMS + hyperactivity .... talk about WMD

Laura said...

I hear you about putting laundry away, I hate doing that too. You know, my first spring in MI, I was miserable! The first time in my life that I ever had allergies. I have to take Allegra & Flonase that year. Once I moved back to CO, I've been fine, go figure. As for astma, I have a cousin who used to have it really bad and then they gave her some "cutting-edge" medicine (this was 10+ years ago) and she hasn't had any occurances since then. I think she uses her inhaler about once every 3-4 months!