Saturday, August 11, 2007

Just dropping by... has certainly been busy.  I am sorry I haven't been by your blogs or called or emailed.
I hope that all is well with you and that you are enjoying your summer.  We bought a church building and are in the midst of remodeling. Also, I am trying to prepare myself for Merry starting kindergarten.  That is going to be an emotional day..any advice from those of you who have already gone through that phaase? to you all....keep in touch...and I'll be back around soon.



Anonymous said...

I thought I might be a bit emotional on the first day of Kindergarten last year, but after seeing Drew's excitement and readiness I couldn't be anything but thrilled for him. I was a little sad for Nicky, but nothing but happy for Drew. You may find that it's the same at your house!

Cliff said...

On the kindergarten deal... hide behind a tree until she's gone and then clelebrate the new found freedom.
OR you could do like I did. Go get on a tractor and mow weeds and cry like a baby where no one can see you.

Judy said...

Been missing you! Keep us posted on the big transition to is truly bittersweet, especially with the first!

Laura said...

Congratulations on the purchase of the church building! Let us know how the first day of school goes. With me, I was oh-so confident. Waved to my mom once as I climbed up the steps and was off to the best day ever, according to my mom.

Jamie Dawn said...

Enjoy each step of your girls' lives.
I remember my kids starting school, carrying their little lunches. Courtney was first, then two years later, Taylor began school.
I didn't start homeschooling them until they were in 6th and 8th grades.
I hope all goes well with your new church building.
Merry will do great at school!!