Monday, October 29, 2007

Moments Like These...

Kelsey:  Mommy, could you hand me that book?

Mommy:  Sure.

Kelsey:  Thanks, Mommy.

Kelsey:  Mommy, could you hand me those crayons, please?

Mommy:  Sure, Kelsey.

Kelsey:  Thanks, Mommy.

Kelsey:  Mommy?

Mommy:  YES, Kelsey?

Kelsey:  You are a great mother.

I live for moments like these.


Flip Flop Momma said...

Aww, thats pretty cute...isnt it nice when they appricate us for giving them crayons..hehe

Alissa said...

Oh, so do I!

Your girls ROCK!

Judy said...

My kids always manage to slip something like that on me just as I'm about to lose my patience...great little reminder from them (and God) about how wonderful they are - and a terrific reminder for us moms, too!

Rachel said...

Ahh...that's sweet!!

Laura said...

Oh, how sweet. Moments like those make up for the bad behavior both from the kids and from us moms. I live for those moments too. :)

Rachel said...

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Kendra!