Monday, March 10, 2008

Will It Ever Let Up?

Okay. So sorry about the crazy lapse in blogging. Our lives are in constant motion, here in Michigan. Scott acquired a new job, and is still running his business on the side. Also he is finishing his thesis for his Masters degree. Needless to say, he has little free time.
Neither do I, due to his busyness. I am constantly with the girls, and free time is a thing of the past.
We are still working hard at church. I am preparing for our Easter service, which is taking a lot of thought and time. Not only do I have the responsibility of the music for that service, I also have to organize and put together Sunday school lessons for the next two weeks. We are hoping to do an Easter egg hunt on Easter Sunday for our Sunday school class, and I still have to buy and fill eggs for that.
I do have a wonderful assistant teacher who is a tremendous help to me. I am so thankful for her!
Merry is busy with school. She now has daily homework, which I am also responsible for helping with. She is learning to read, and is so excited about it! I love listening to her sound out new words. She is really getting into it, and I hope and pray she loves to read.
Kelsey is also learning to sound out words. She can't read yet, but she is well on her way. She has picked up phonics this year in pre-school, and she can not wait to learn to read! She spends hours each week pouring over books. She looks at the pictures and pretends to read me the story. I love it! Her new place to spend time is our public library. We've been going there for three weeks in a row, and she hates to leave. She will spend an hour there, picking out book after book for me to read to her.
We will be going to New Jersey over Easter break, and I am looking forward to a little time away. Scott has promised to take it easy (mostly) while we are there, and we may even catch a Broadway show in the City with the girls.
Life is good, in spite of its busyness, but I am looking forward to the slower days of summer.

In April we will be dedicating our new church building. This will be a big deal. I am working on the special music for that weekend. There will be two services, so I have to plan for both of those. After that, I can breathe easy for awhile. What a relief!

This weekend we are going to paint our bedroom. It has been a mess for over three years. Scott built a second closet for himself, and we have never repainted. So...Friday we prime the room, and Saturday we paint it a nice, sunny yellow. I can't wait to see how it looks!
Well...once again, I apologize of not keeping in touch. Maybe after the middle of April I can get back to regular blogging. I certainly hope so.

For those of you with MySpace, you can find me there, Kendra Roberts Lynn.

Talk to you soon.


"Phoebe's Sister" (a.k.a. mjk to my friends) said...

I don't remember which poet it was but one of them said, "The hurrieder I go, the behinder I get."

Glad Scott will be able to help with the priming and painting. I call it the one-armed wallpaper hanger feeling. Been there and done that, time and time again. It seems though, that when the adrenaline gets to flowing, there's a tendency to gear up and get things done... something there is about a little pressure like a deadline to keep us on our toes and on the move. No rest until the pressure is off.

Being as the last New Jersey trip brought us the beautiful article on "Eternal Love" I can't wait to see what will come as a result of this trip.

Love, Sis. Marjorie Kinnee

"Phoebe's Sister" (a.k.a. mjk to my friends) said...

P.S. No - it won't ever let up. That's life!

Love, Sis. mjk

Judy said...

Hey girl! Good to "see" you!

Busy isn't always a bad thing...just be sure to also take care of you, too!

Lolo said...

Hi Kendra!

Oh, thank you so much for the big update. It's always nice to know how everyone is, I think about you often and hope everyone is doing really well! :)

My goodness, talk about busy! It sounds like both you and Scott have your plates full, but everything that you are doing also sounds important and great!

I miss the girls very much, and I am so proud of their great updates! Yeah Merry and Kelsey! I've got a good idea, perhaps we could meet with the kids at a super fun library that I know of in the really near future! I know you are busy, but maybe sometime after Easter. I think Merry, Kelsey and Noah would have a blast and of course I would love to see you too!

Thanks again for the update. You'll have to let all of us know how your bedroom painting goes,(what color?) and how all of Scott's work and your work at church goes. You guys are truly amazing! Oh and you know me, I just love pictures, so if you have any new ones of the girls, put them up too!

Until then, lots and lots of love and hugs to everyone. I'm thinking of you and hope you have a great week!
P.S. Thank you for all of your sweet comments. I truly appreciate your support and encouragement, you are a great friend to our family. :)

Mike ( ex scientia, veritas ) said...

That busyness can be one of life's greatest blessing. Take care!

Cliff said...

I see you've got your hands full. That's a good thing. Thanks for catching us up. Have fun on the trip.

alissasanderson said...

You have such a busy life! I know I couldn't do it :-) Hang in there, it will slow down eventually.

Congrats on the new church!

Laura said...

It seems that both of our lives are whirlwinds a lot of the time. Just don't forget to sometimes stop and smell the roses. I'm glad to hear that things are going well, albeit busy, for you all. I hope you have a wonderful time in New Jersey and if you take in a Broadway show, be sure to fill me in on the details. That's one of the things on my list "to do" before God takes me to his kingdom. :)
Take care of yourself and your girls. It was good to hear from you again.

Rachel said...

Kendra, you have a very full plate and so does Scott!! But that is life sometimes and you are doing things you love! Great to see an update and so glad you let us know that things are okay...just busy!!