Friday, October 03, 2008

Happy Autumn!

Well, autumn is finally here! Yay! I have been waiting for this for an entire summer. :) The girls have settled into school just fine. They are even doing alright with homework and such. They both love their teachers and their classrooms. I am so glad!
I haven't posted much lately, mostly due to the fact that I have been unbelievably busy the past six weeks or so.
Our new pastor is working out very well...we are getting along well, and he's a great preacher! I have been helping him here and there with some administrative things.
Also, my sister, who is four and a half months pregnant, had appendicitis three weeks ago. Her appendix ruptured, and she had to have surgery. Thankfully, the baby is fine, and my sissy is slowly recovering. She is still having some pain, probably due to the fact that when the appendix ruptured, the surgeon had to thoroughly clean Katie out, and she is still healing from that.
She was doing so badly last week, that on Tuesday of this week drove to Grand Rapids and picked her and her son up and brought them home for the week. I have been watching my sweet nephew while Katie rests.
Dad takes her home tomorrow, and I am really going to miss having her around. She is my best friend, and when she isn't here, I am sad.
(I am pretty sure she feels the same way about me! )

Tomorrow morning Scott and I will be flying to NYC. His best friend is getting married on Sunday, and we will be at the wedding. The wedding is in Long Island. I have never been there, looking forward to seeing it. :)

So...sorry for the delay between posts...hopefully my life will slow down a tad.

Yeah right.


Judy said...

I'm so glad your sister is recovering and you were able to take care of her this week. Have fun in NYC!

Laura said...

Goodness, you certainly do wear a lot of hats, don't you? So glad that your sister is on the mend and that your girls are doing well in school. I hope that you & Scott have a wonderful time in NYC, beautiful time for a visit and a wedding. :)