Monday, December 08, 2008

Its Finally Over!

Finally! My Christmas program and banquet are over! This weekend was many small things to do to get ready!
We had our Christmas program at 10 a.m. on Sunday morning. The kids were really cute. Merry sang a solo in the kids' choir. She did a great job. I may try to figure out how to post a video clip on here. I know I haven't posted pictures or anything else for a loooong time. I am sorry. I will try to do better.

The Christmas banquet was a HUGE hit! I think everyone had a wonderful time, at least I hope they did.
We had great food, good fellowship, and fun. We sang Christmas carols and played a game and gave away door prizes. It was just about perfect.
I came home so very tired, and was in bed by 10:30 or so. Of course, I couldn't sleep! I was awake, mostly, until about 3 a.m. Isn't that lovely? So, I am dragging a tad today.
But the weekend was nice...glad its over with!
Now, on with Christmas!


Judy said...

YAY! Don't you feel great, having all that behind you now? On with the holidays!

Anonymous said...

It was a wonderful banquet. I'm looking forward to next year. Connie W.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Glad your weekend was such a Great Great Success! Isn't that gratifying? And I wouldn't be able to sleep!

Jamie Dawn said...

It's great that both the program and the banquet came off very well. I guess you were so UP about the whole day that you just couldn't settle your mind down to sleep. I'm sure by now that you've caught up on your rest.
Enjoy this season to the fullest!!