Saturday, March 22, 2008


Easter is always such a joyous time for me. I have very fond memories of waking up on Easter morning to a wonderful basket filled with candy and books. Easter was one of the two times each year that my sister and I would get a new church dress. I loved dressing up in my new dress, shoes and fancy anklets! Church was always special that day, as well. I loved listening to the Easter story, year after year.

Now I have children, and its just the same, except a little MORE fun! Most years they get a really fancy Easter dress (usually from their Grammy Lynn) and new shoes and hairbows. This year, we didn't get to see Grammy Lynn, so we are making do with sweet little second-hand, cotton dresses. I did get Kelsey some new shoes, but Merry can still wear hers from last summer. Grammy Lynn sent gift cards for Easter, so we went out and bought cute little Easter hats and gloves and handbags. The girls are absolutely thrilled and cannot wait until tomorrow!

I think they are more excited about wearing their new dresses and going to church than they are about their Easter baskets. I know they will enjoy the baskets, but I am so glad that they are thinking about Jesus, as well.
I hope that my girls never forget the real meaning of Easter.

Tomorrow will be a very busy day for me. I am sure that everything will go well with our Easter service, but as usual, I am nervous.
So, if you read this post before two p.m. tomorrow, say a little prayer for me, please.

Happy Easter!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Will It Ever Let Up?

Okay. So sorry about the crazy lapse in blogging. Our lives are in constant motion, here in Michigan. Scott acquired a new job, and is still running his business on the side. Also he is finishing his thesis for his Masters degree. Needless to say, he has little free time.
Neither do I, due to his busyness. I am constantly with the girls, and free time is a thing of the past.
We are still working hard at church. I am preparing for our Easter service, which is taking a lot of thought and time. Not only do I have the responsibility of the music for that service, I also have to organize and put together Sunday school lessons for the next two weeks. We are hoping to do an Easter egg hunt on Easter Sunday for our Sunday school class, and I still have to buy and fill eggs for that.
I do have a wonderful assistant teacher who is a tremendous help to me. I am so thankful for her!
Merry is busy with school. She now has daily homework, which I am also responsible for helping with. She is learning to read, and is so excited about it! I love listening to her sound out new words. She is really getting into it, and I hope and pray she loves to read.
Kelsey is also learning to sound out words. She can't read yet, but she is well on her way. She has picked up phonics this year in pre-school, and she can not wait to learn to read! She spends hours each week pouring over books. She looks at the pictures and pretends to read me the story. I love it! Her new place to spend time is our public library. We've been going there for three weeks in a row, and she hates to leave. She will spend an hour there, picking out book after book for me to read to her.
We will be going to New Jersey over Easter break, and I am looking forward to a little time away. Scott has promised to take it easy (mostly) while we are there, and we may even catch a Broadway show in the City with the girls.
Life is good, in spite of its busyness, but I am looking forward to the slower days of summer.

In April we will be dedicating our new church building. This will be a big deal. I am working on the special music for that weekend. There will be two services, so I have to plan for both of those. After that, I can breathe easy for awhile. What a relief!

This weekend we are going to paint our bedroom. It has been a mess for over three years. Scott built a second closet for himself, and we have never repainted. So...Friday we prime the room, and Saturday we paint it a nice, sunny yellow. I can't wait to see how it looks!
Well...once again, I apologize of not keeping in touch. Maybe after the middle of April I can get back to regular blogging. I certainly hope so.

For those of you with MySpace, you can find me there, Kendra Roberts Lynn.

Talk to you soon.