Monday, March 16, 2009

The Apology

So, last Sunday, we had a very interesting after-dinner experience.
It was pouring rain, and we were leaving the restaurant. We had forgotten our umbrellas in the car, of course, so Scott pulled the van up to the curb. I rushed out into the rain with the girls...getting quite thoroughly soaked, and tried to hurry the girls into the van.
Merry got in first, and Kelsey had to climb over her to get to her carseat. I made sure they were both all the way in before shutting the van door. As I slammed the door shut, Scott and Kelsey both started screaming!
Apparently, after I started shutting the door, Kelsey tripped over Merry's feet, put her hand up to steady herself, holding on to the OUTSIDE of the van door!
I smashed the tips of her fingers in the door, and she started screaming in Merry's face, who promptly started crying, while Scott shouted at me to open the door!
Thankfully, no damage was done...but it took awhile to calm her down. She blamed Merry for the fact that she tripped, but blamed me for shutting the door on her hand.
As we drove home, Merry, with her notebook and pencil ever handy, asked me how to spell "sorry".
Scott and I looked at each other and I thought, "Aw, she wants to apologize to her sister! How sweet."
After a few moments, she said, "Okay, I am ready to read this to you all."
So we waited, and this is what she wrote:

Kelsey. I. Am. Sorry. But. That. Is. How. It. Goes.


Judy said...

That is TOO funny! Glad she is okay!

Stacey said...


He is beautiful, looks so much like Katie, it's amazing. You also look beautiful...a few pounds lighter actually,Congrats!!!!

Sorry I wasn't able to catch up with ya in the states, it got crazy and I truly was swamped. Heather told me you were wanting to get with me and it seemed like everyday just came and went so fast. I am glad to be home but wish I could have visited with everyone and just been able to relax in the states a bit.

Love ya so much

Laura said...

Oh my, the things kids think, write and say! I'm glad that Kelsey was okay.