Saturday, December 26, 2009

A New Beginning

Tomorrow marks the beginning of something new for our little family.
For several months, Scott and I have been praying, and have been feeling that God is moving us in a new direction. Consequently, we will be leaving our church of ten years (for Scott) and twenty years (for me). This Sunday, tomorrow, will be our last service with New Life Church of Garden City.
This is a bittersweet moment in our lives. We are saddened at the thought of leaving all we know behind, and at the thought that we will no longer see our friends and family every Sunday and Thursday. We know that, although we will see them at other times for fellowship and fun, the weekly visits will end.
On the other hand, we are excited to see what God has in store for us! We feel peace about this decision we have made, and we know that God is, indeed, leading us on to a new beginning, a new adventure in our lives.

We don't know where we will go yet. We will spend the next month or two visiting several churches in Michigan, seeing friends and family that we haven't seen for a long while. We will sit on the pew, soak in the Word of God, and go to the altar, seeking His will for our lives. Where God takes us from there, we don't know, but we trust Him completely.

We pray that you, our friends and family, will hold us up in prayer as we make this change in our lives.
Thank you for all your love and support. To those of you that attend New Life Church, we pray God's blessing on you and the church, and we assure you that we will be with you in spirit, and will be in touch.

Kendra Lynn


LZ Blogger said...

I remember when we left our church in California, someone anomously gave us a plaque that read; "The Will of God will never lead you where the Grace of God cannot keep you!"" Even if I can't give you the plaque, at least please accept the words!

Stacey said...

You are in our prayers during this transition. We know God will lead you, protect you and let His will be done in your lives and ministry.

With all our love to you from this beginning on.

Judy said...

Wow, big changes, Kendra! God's will was never meant to be easy or painless. He's been with you all this time and will continue to bless and hold you close.