Saturday, January 28, 2006

My Vocal Recital vocal recital is over! I was pretty nervous when I got up to sing today, but not as nervous as I was the last recital. I sang "Solo El Amor" by Sandi Patti and some other guy that I don't remember his name! I think I did well. My vocal coach, Sis. Vicki, was nodding her head at I think that was a good sign. :)

There were so many great singers there today! I could NOT believe that Zach Dunning (whom I babysat for when I was 11 - 21) sang today. He has an INCREDIBLE voice! I am not kidding you, folks...he sings wayyyy better than I do!

Also, Raquel Sistrunk, another one that I babysat, sang...such a sweet girl and such a gorgeous voice! Really awesome.

It was a very nice time, and I felt that all went well. If I happen to get a recording of it, I'll post it. We shall see.

Love to all,


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well I am glad your recital went so well..

is that a pic of you on the side bar?..just wondering, I love the hair if it is;)

Judy said...

Kendra, I am sure you did splendidly. It would be lovely to hear you sing!

patti roberts said...

Daddy and I were so proud of you at the recital. You did a great job and we thoroughly enjoyed listening to you and all the others. And yes, Zack did a great job!