Saturday, March 11, 2006

A Busy Weekend, and a Busy Week Ahead

Whew...this weekend has been a bit crazy! Actually, the whole week was crazy. :)
We had a youth rally at our church on Friday night, and I was directing the youth in a skit, so I had to be there. :) I always TRY to be at our youth rallies, but I definitly had to be there last night! I ended up having to narrate the skit, because Jessi got sick (but that's okay, Jessi, I didn't mind) and I also had to sing at the closing of the skit.
The youth group did an AWESOME job on the skit! And Matt Castaldini did a great job as well...thanks, Matt, for pulling the curtain down just right. :) You did a wonderful job, and I'm proud of you.

Today I spend most of the day doing laundry, putting away clothes and packing for our trip to New Jersey. We won't be leaving until Tuesday morning, but I have sooo much to do before we leave! I took time out to walk with the girls down to the park, since it was such a nice day. :) They had so much fun playing. They are so independent now, its amazing to watch them play.

Tomorrow is choir practice, kids' church, and our regular service. We are doing the skit with the youth tomorrow as well as singing one of our new choir songs. And I have to work in the nursery. *groan* My mom says I should just face the fact that I have to do nursery duty. I wouldn't mind except that Sundays are so cram-packed for me that nursery is the LAST thing I want to take on after I'm done with everything else! LOL
Oh, well. Maybe someday I will be free from the land of poopy diapers and crying kids.

Monday I will spend cleaning up the house, the car and finishing the laundry. Tuesday morning we leave for our LOOONG car trip to New Jersey. Say a praye for us, that the weather will be good for driving, and that the girls can handle the trip with no problem.

I will try to do an update while in Jersey, but we will see.

Love to you all.



Judy said...

Wow, Kendra, you have been busy!

I actually enjoy working in our nursery...after singing in the morning, teaching Sunday School and doing whatever I need to do that I signed up to do and don't remember (because that is usually the way it works), the nursery is a great place to go and really see God at work. Even with criers, it is simple and easy and just the children, the innocent. I just love the nursery.

Mrs. Diamond said...

Trust me those baby days will be gone before you can blink. I look at my 7, 8 and 11 year old babies and wonder what happened to my babies.

At the time it seemed like forever, but in was over in a heartbeat.

Meow said...

Have a wonderful, safe trip. Enjoy yourselves, and cherish your time together. Drive safely, take care, Meow

Anonymous said...

working in the church nursery is a good way to be "used" for the Lord. Yes, it sounds like you do a lot while you're at church, but others probably do a lot, too. Working together is the key. Doing what's asked of you, with a good attitude, is valuable when it comes to preparing the way for "new converts".
A word fitly spoken

Angela Richardson said...

Hi, Kendra!
You all are in my prayers for a safe journey to and from New Jersey.

Have a good time!

Nicole said...

Sister Kendra,

Just wanted to tell you that Friday Night went awesome. I am sure that Sunday went well also. I hope that you and your family have a good trip. I will be praying that you have safe travels.
Love Ya,

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

i am tired just reading all that..

you make me look lazy...ok I am lazy:)