Friday, March 17, 2006

Choir Concert Recordings

Okay, everyone:
I've promised you some songs from the choir concert, and Scott formatted them for me, so that I could post them for YOU! :)
Hope you all enjoy them.
The first one is called, "Trading My Sorrows". The soloist is Jacob Gleason, our youth leader. Jacob, you did an awesome job! Thanks for being so supportive of me and our choir.

The second one is called, "The Precious Lamb of God". I am the soloist on this one. Thank you all for praying for me on that day. I made it through the song, SOMEHOW!

The third song is not from the choir concert. Last Sunday the youth group did a skit called, "The Curtain of Blood", and I sang a song at the end of the skit. The song is entitled, "He Sees Me Through the Blood". I especially want to thank Pastor Ray Haner for playing the piano on this song. I called him up on Wednesday night, sang him the song over the phone, and he recorded it and emailed it to me. What you are hearing is a midi file that Bro. Haner put together for me. (Check out for more information on this breakthrough technology.) The youth group did a wonderful job on the skit, and the congregation really seemed to enjoy it! I'm proud of you all!

Let me know what you all think. :) I know you will.

Trading My Sorrows (3.4mb)
Precious Lamb of God (4.7mb)
He Sees Me Through the Blood (3.8mb)


Mrs. Diamond said...

what a great way to start off my day today. i could feel the annointing.... beautiful.
You have a good voice. :)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I am gonna have to turn my speakers on...I love hearing you sing;)

LZ Blogger said...

Really NICE stuff here! Thanks! ~ jb///

Jacob said...

Sis kendra~
hey hey hope you had a great time in jersey I now have a blog wow these things are kinda kewl. The blog is about Nicole and I's wedding.please check it out ...
See you at church tomorrow

Mrs. Diamond said...

thinking of you

Angela Richardson said...

Great job, Kendra! Your voice is beautiful.

God bless!