Sunday, May 07, 2006

Another Busy Sunday

Today was a good day...busy as usual.
Our Sundays are wild around here!
We had a really great service today. I led songs and we used Scott's No Piano No Problem software. It went really, really well. I felt like God really moved in our service.
My friend, Terra, and her little girl came to church today. That was awesome. I've been praying for her, and for her to come, on her own, was great. She really seemed to enjoy the service and the singing, and I feel good about the whole thing. I believe she will be back. Perhaps even next Sunday.
Her little girl liked Kids' Church, so that's cool.

We came home this evening and changed our clothes and then went to the pond to feed the ducks. We didn't get any ducks to eat our bread, but we did see a muskrat. What a weird thing! I thought for sure it was a sewer rat swimming in the pond, but my dad says it was a muskrat. UGLY. I am not into rodents (except squirrels). And it was a greasy, slimy lookin' thing.
Thankfully it didn't get out of the water, or I would have really freaked out.

Now we are home, and I'm feeling tired after such a busy Sunday. I think I will head to bed soon, and get up early in the morning to clean the house for our guest that is coming into town tomorrow evening.

God bless you all.



Momma said...

Ha! Daddy told me about the muskrat. What did the girls think of it?
I'm sorry I missed church today and going to the pond, but I'm glad church went well.
Love you lots

Judy said...

Oh, Kendra! You can come clean my house if you run out of house to clean there!

Tammy & Jeremy said...

That's great news about your friend going to church with you. I love it when things like that happen.
Our Sunday was quite busy usual. I had to be reminded by my husband that we had to drive 45 minutes to his parents house to celebrate Mother's Day because we won't be here next weekend. I almost always remember things like that. It must be the pregnancy brain.

Judy said...

K - don't forget - today is WIW!

LZ Blogger said...

No piano no problem software? That must be interesting! Have a Happy Mother's Day on Sunday! ~ jb///

Mrs. Diamond said...

that no piano no problem software sounds intrigueing/interesting.

the muskrat would have freaked me out!

Mrs. Diamond said...

oh yes! Awesome about your friend coming to church. I pray she comes back