Friday, May 05, 2006

How Much More Can I Cram Into A Day????

Yes, folks, today was a record setting day for me.
I usually look at Fridays as a start to the weekend. You know, a nice, slow a little cleaning or laundry, spend time with the kids, cook a nice dinner, etc.
Today was NOT my typical Friday.
I was apparently not thinking very straight, and scheduled so many things for today, that I actually had to miss my voice lesson. (which I HATE missing! It was rescheduled for today, and I had to skip out on it.)
I had a Bible study with Angela scheduled at 10:30. (she had to cancel for a family emergency, and I was relieved, only because I wasn't sure I could manage the rest of the day.)
Since that was cancelled, I decided to go early to the "playdate" at my friend Terra's house. I had told her that I would bring the girls over, and ended up doing so. We stayed there for a couple hours and then I rushed off to get the girls pizza for lunch. We went home, ate very quickly, I put them down for a nap, and then rushed off again to meet Ashley for a late lunch/early dinner. That was very enjoyable, and I stayed as long as I could. However, my day was not finished. I finally had to leave the comfort of my booth at Red Robin, rush home, get the girls dressed and head right back out the door.
Scott, the girls, Terra and Karli and myself all went to Northridge Church tonight for a kids' concert. Jessi's sister, Alex, was performing, and we went to see her.
It was an incredible concert! I will definitly take the girls to see another. They were very impressed.
After the concert, we took Terra and Karli and made a detour to Coldstone Creamery for some very sinful ice cream. Then we took Terra and Karli home, stopped by Taco Bell (seeing that we didn't have time for supper) and finally made it home.
It is now 11:18 p.m. and I am trying to wind down from such a crazy day.
It was a good day, but my brain shut off over an hour ago, and now I am ready to go hit the hay.
I'm really hopin' next Friday won't be QUITE so packed.
I gotta get me a dayplanner. Whew.
Goodnight, All.


Judy said...

Girl, you don't have a dayplanner???? REALLY??? You definitely need one - I don't necessarily live by mine, but it is something I do depend on, at least most mornings when I am trying to get my thoughts together for the day!

Alex said...

hi there,
thanks for the comment on my blog. i definitely love living in PEI, it's a wonderful place :) can be boring at times,especially compared to my summers in North Carolina, but PEO is definitely home.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I need a nap just from reading all that..boy girl..

but i kinda like days like that, you dont have time to be bored;)

Angela Richardson said...

What an exciting day!! I love those types of days, but they are pretty exhausting after everything is over.

Hope you're having a great week!