Monday, July 24, 2006

A Real Tear-Jerker

I don't normally recommend movies on my blog, but I just can't help it.

Scott, the girls, and I watched "Cheaper By the Dozen 2" tonight.
I know, I know. The sequel is almost always worse than the original! Not so, in this case.
This movie was pretty much great from start to finish. I even got a little teary-eyed toward the end.
If you watch this movie, you will love your parents for loving you. And you will love your little ones all the more, no matter how much trouble they cause.
I'm not jokin'. I highly recommend this for all of you out there.

Don't forget the kleenex and remember to call your folks to tell them you love them.


Judy said...

Kewl! I'm needing a good movie!

Meow said...

It is a great movie, we've had it on DVD for some time now. I love the original, too.
Take care, Meow

BossyĆ¢™¥'s YOU said...

i did not see the first one..

i am not a movie girl..but i did think they both looked cute..maybe i will rent it one of these days;)


Thanks for the recommendation. I'll see if they sell or rent a DVD of that tape.
Thanks for dropping by.

Nicole said...

I saw that movie I thought it was really good.