Saturday, October 14, 2006

Merry's First Day of School

I know that these pictures are a bit late, but I've been so busy!
Merry is loving school this year, although there is a little girl in the class that seems to enjoy antagonizing the other girls. We are in the process of dealing with that.
My schedule is so crazy because the girls go to school on opposite days and in the middle of the afternoon to boot!
I love their teachers and their school, though, so I wouldn't change a thing.
Isn't Merry radiant in this picture?

Merry's first day of school Posted by Picasa


Judy said...

She looks so grown up!!!

Anonymous said...

Radient is the perfect word! I hope you have a great school year, Merry!

Love Ya,

meranda said...

awwwww....she is her mommy all over again:)