Monday, November 06, 2006

Shekinah Kids' Choir Concert Part Two

Alright. I finally got the songs selected and ready for you all to listen to!
I hope you enjoy them.
The kids' choir and adult choir did an awesome job on Sunday! The Shekinah Kids' Choir ranges from age 3 to age 12. I think they did a great job for such a wide range of ages! And we couldn't have done it without the adult choir. They really added alot to the sound quality. We had a large crowd turn out for the concert, and the kids sang their hearts out!
Here are a few songs for you...let me know what you think.


In That Name (1.7 mb)
Obvious (1.9 mb)
Praise Be To Jesus (1.7 mb)
Wash Me Oh Lord (1.6 mb)


Granny said...

I'll check them out when the house is quieter. It's hopeless about now.

Judy said...

LOL - I couldn't listen to much as my laptop LOVES to completely shut down when I play things like that, but they sound great! We blend our children and adult choirs quite a bit - the sound of children singing with adult voices is awesome, isn't it?

Judy said...

I love the sound of children and adult voices blended together!

Judy said...

I love the sound of children and adult voices blended together!

Alissa said...

I like them! Very nice. The sound of kids singing is always a happy one!

Cliff Morrow said...

You did good. Great!! I really liked the third song. Very nice.
We're going to do a Christmas Contata with the Junior Choir this year. Good news is I don't direct the kids. (that would take a better man than I am) We'll put the two choirs together for about two practices. Wish us luck!
Congrats on a job well done KL

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

LOOK..LOOK..I am here:)

and it was too cute..

see i am being a good blogger:)

Angela Richardson said...

What a wonderful job you all did with these songs! Thanks for sharing!
I'm so happy to hear about your dad; we've been praying for him. Thanks so much for your prayers as well.

Have a good afternoon!

Momma/aka Patti Roberts said...

I listened to the songs, Kendra, and they sounded very nice. It reminded me,once again, how very much you do for our church.
You have always loved children, and gone the extra mile with them. I'm sure that is what the Lord meant when He said "suffer the little children...forbid them not".
Children love to sing, and it is important that they learn the songs that glorify God.
Good Job!