Friday, May 26, 2006

Coming Soon....

Just a note to all you faithful readers; I will be posting some new pictures of the girls very soon.
I just have to scan them in and have Scott help me clean them up.
Sorry its been so long between posts, but we are leaving for a New Jersey trip tomorrow, and I have spent the entire week getting ready to go.
Its amazing how much laundry four people can acquire. I finally got all caught up on it, and am completely packed. I'm hoping we leave before nine a.m. tomorrow. If I really push him, Scott CAN be moved!

Look for pictures soon, and I may be able to update from NJ.

Have a great Memorial Weekend.


Saturday, May 13, 2006

Two Babies

Although I wouldn't trade my girls for the world, I was a very tired mommy. Its hard to have two babies. Anyone with twins will tell you that. Unfortunately, I didn't have twins. At least twins pretty much do everything at the same time. I had one being weaned from the bottle, and one dependent on the bottle. I had one ready for pullups and one in diapers. I had one walking and climbing, and one demanding to be held all the time. Thankfully, I had a great family and lots of help. Scott was a wonderful husband and daddy. Kelsey didn't like to fall asleep for the night until one or two a.m., so Scott would stay up and work until she fell asleep. Then he would come to bed and we would both sleep until the girls woke us up in the morning. There were many times when I would come down to check on them around midnight or one a.m., and find Scott at his computer with Kelsey swaddled in her blankets on his lap.
I am so glad those days are over, but my girls are growing so quickly, and I miss the baby days sometimes.
Not that I want to do them over again, mind you!

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Our Second Baby

When Merry was about six or seven months old, I discovered I was pregnant again. This was a VERY big surprise because we were trying hard NOT to have any more babies. Obviously, something failed, and we were blessed with Kelsey. Although we were happy to have her, she was completely different from her big sister. She cried a LOT, and demanded to be held much of the time. We were very happy when Kelsey learned to crawl, because from then on, things moved quickly and she was a much happier baby.

Kelsey Lynn 2003 Posted by Picasa

Our First Baby

After being married for roughly 14 months, I discovered I was pregnant. We were very excited, and in April of 2002, Meredith was born. Our newlywed bliss pretty much ended with the birth of our first baby, but we moved on into family mode with hardly any problems. Merry was a sweet and very good little girl.
Wasn't she cute?

Meredith Lynn 2002 Posted by Picasa

Six Years Together

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Today Scott and I celebrate our sixth anniversary. It feels longer sometimes, and other times I wonder where the time has gone! It doesn't seem that its been six years since we took our vows and sealed it with a kiss. But here we are, quite a ways down the road of marriage. We have two vehicles, a house, a dog and two little girls. Scott works hard to make his business, Online Solutions, a success. And I work hard to hold the house and kids all together.
I am so thankful that God allowed us to fall in love. I'm so thankful that I listened to that small voice inside that encouraged me to renew my friendship with Scott. I don't know what I'd be doing now, if Scott hadn't come into my life.
There is no better husband than Scott, and I thank God for him.

I love you, babe. Happy Anniversary!


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Friday, May 12, 2006

No Piano No Problem

Some of you have expressed curiousity in No Piano No Problem, the computer program that plays the piano for you.
If you go to, you will find any information you need there.
I'm very excited about this program. We use the "rough" version of it in our services sometimes, and its really great. I have no problem leading our worship service and singing along with this program.
Check it out!


Sunday, May 07, 2006

Another Busy Sunday

Today was a good day...busy as usual.
Our Sundays are wild around here!
We had a really great service today. I led songs and we used Scott's No Piano No Problem software. It went really, really well. I felt like God really moved in our service.
My friend, Terra, and her little girl came to church today. That was awesome. I've been praying for her, and for her to come, on her own, was great. She really seemed to enjoy the service and the singing, and I feel good about the whole thing. I believe she will be back. Perhaps even next Sunday.
Her little girl liked Kids' Church, so that's cool.

We came home this evening and changed our clothes and then went to the pond to feed the ducks. We didn't get any ducks to eat our bread, but we did see a muskrat. What a weird thing! I thought for sure it was a sewer rat swimming in the pond, but my dad says it was a muskrat. UGLY. I am not into rodents (except squirrels). And it was a greasy, slimy lookin' thing.
Thankfully it didn't get out of the water, or I would have really freaked out.

Now we are home, and I'm feeling tired after such a busy Sunday. I think I will head to bed soon, and get up early in the morning to clean the house for our guest that is coming into town tomorrow evening.

God bless you all.


Friday, May 05, 2006

How Much More Can I Cram Into A Day????

Yes, folks, today was a record setting day for me.
I usually look at Fridays as a start to the weekend. You know, a nice, slow a little cleaning or laundry, spend time with the kids, cook a nice dinner, etc.
Today was NOT my typical Friday.
I was apparently not thinking very straight, and scheduled so many things for today, that I actually had to miss my voice lesson. (which I HATE missing! It was rescheduled for today, and I had to skip out on it.)
I had a Bible study with Angela scheduled at 10:30. (she had to cancel for a family emergency, and I was relieved, only because I wasn't sure I could manage the rest of the day.)
Since that was cancelled, I decided to go early to the "playdate" at my friend Terra's house. I had told her that I would bring the girls over, and ended up doing so. We stayed there for a couple hours and then I rushed off to get the girls pizza for lunch. We went home, ate very quickly, I put them down for a nap, and then rushed off again to meet Ashley for a late lunch/early dinner. That was very enjoyable, and I stayed as long as I could. However, my day was not finished. I finally had to leave the comfort of my booth at Red Robin, rush home, get the girls dressed and head right back out the door.
Scott, the girls, Terra and Karli and myself all went to Northridge Church tonight for a kids' concert. Jessi's sister, Alex, was performing, and we went to see her.
It was an incredible concert! I will definitly take the girls to see another. They were very impressed.
After the concert, we took Terra and Karli and made a detour to Coldstone Creamery for some very sinful ice cream. Then we took Terra and Karli home, stopped by Taco Bell (seeing that we didn't have time for supper) and finally made it home.
It is now 11:18 p.m. and I am trying to wind down from such a crazy day.
It was a good day, but my brain shut off over an hour ago, and now I am ready to go hit the hay.
I'm really hopin' next Friday won't be QUITE so packed.
I gotta get me a dayplanner. Whew.
Goodnight, All.