Thursday, June 05, 2008

Bride of Frankenstein

So....last week...on Thursday, I started feeling a little bit sick. Figured I had a summer cold, or something. On Friday morning, I woke up, and realized that I had this lump behind my right ear. So, off to the doctor I went. Turned out that I had a swollen lymph node, and a few more acting up, so he put me on antibiotics. Saturday I was feeling lousy. Sunday I was REALLY feeling lousy...Scott made me stay home from church and abandon all my usual Sunday duties/activities. So I stayed home, in my pj's for much of the day.
Monday I woke up and felt okay, so I did most of my usual Monday things, and we went to Kelsey's preschool graduation on Monday night. By ten o'clock Monday evening, I was back to square one...feeling lousy. I went back to the doctor on Tuesday afternoon. He immediately picked up on the fact that the antibiotics were NOT working, and sent me off for some blood work.
They took NINE vials of blood from me! NINE! Oh joy. I made it through the ordeal without passing out, or even feeling dizzy, and went home.

I finally got the results today, and they are, naturally, almost normal. They did show that I have some sort of virus, that apparently looks kind of like mono. The nurse told me to rest. Rest? Ha! With an almost five year old and a six year old? if that is going to happen.

I have five swollen lymph nodes. One behind each ear, one if front of my left ear and two on the side of my neck.
Scott said I look like the Bride of Frankenstein.

Question: Anybody know how to rest with two wild little girls underfoot?
Question: Anyone know how to get rid of Frankenstein's lumps?


Judy said...

Hot compresses for the nodes maybe? Yikes.

As for the about a trip to grandma's house for a few days?

Flip Flop Momma said...

4 some reason I totally thought u were gonna say u were preggers..haha

Get well soon..I had mono many times as a teen, its no fun..

get well soon..

LZ Blogger said...

Kendra Lynn ~ Well as for the two girls... good luck, they are about the age of our granddaughters and they go non-stop! When the nurse told you to rest. You should have said it just like that... "Rest? Ha! With an almost five year old and a six year old? if that is going to happen!" As for that bride of Frankenstein thing... I am still trying to picture you with those gray streaks running through your hair... but with those two girls, it may not be far off. After all, mine is a little more than streaked!!! LOL! I hope the nodes get back to normal SOON!~ jb///

Carolj said...

Awww. : ( Hope you feel better soon!

Rachel said...

I don't have any suggestions, other than letting it runs its course I guess. As Judy said...maybe grandma could keep the girls a couple of days...or a friend perhaps?

Hope you feel better real soon!