Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Lovely, Exhausting Weekend

This weekend was our church's special dedication services. Wow....what a weekend! We worked so hard on this, and it really payed off. The congregation worked on the building nearly every day for the past two months or so. We got it looking really nice, invited many, many people, and had two special services this weekend.

Our Saturday night service was mainly for ministers and friends of the Pastor and his wife (they are my parents, for those of you who may not know.). A few of the ministers spoke and reminisced about my parents and their friendships with them. They spoke many encouraging words about my father and his ministry. It was such a blessing to be there.
My choir sang, and my mom, my sister and myself sang as well. We used to be known in the Michigan UPCI district as "The Roberts Trio", and traveled from church to church once in awhile to sing. It was wonderful to sing with them again. There is nothing like family harmony.
We had wonderful fellowship with our congregation and with the visiting ministers.

Today we had our second service, combined with an Open House for our friends and the community. That went very well. We had a lot of visitors show up for our Sunday School hour and some stayed for our service as well.
Once again, my choir sang, as well as the children's choir and our a cappella group. Everything went really well, and I feel so thankful for the many friends my family has accumulated over the years.

God is an awesome God, and I will forever praise Him!


Judy said...

Hi Kendra!
So glad to hear everything went so well this weekend - God is VERY good! Rest up tomorrow!

Rachel said...

Hi Kendra!! Sounds like a wonderful time!! I wish I could have heard all that singing!!

I know it's uplifting to hear all those kind words about your parents too!! You have every right to be very proud!!

Thanks for your kind words on my blog!

Rebecca said...

I found your blog! How precious to be able to sing with your family. I noticed in an earlier blog that your granny once lived in TN. Is that where y'all are? Where in TN? That's where I am...small world.

Jamie Dawn said...

Congrats on all the great things that are happening at your church!! I'm sure your dad is a blessing to others and is also blessed in return, especially by his loving family.


Rebecca said...

I finally found your comment where you said where your parents live. They are a couple hours from me. We're by Fort Campbell, KY - also on the KY/TN border, just farther east than your folks.

LZ Blogger said...

He is awesome in deed! ~ jb///

Laura said...

Hey Kendra. I hope that you guys are having a wonderful start to your summer. So glad to read that everything went wonderfully with the dedication. Be sure to update us on what's going on with your lives. :)