Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Hi there. So...its been awhile since I've posted...no particular reason, just been busy.
Lots of stuff going on around here.
First of all, we went to NJ for two weeks. The girls got to go to my in-law's summer day camp. They had a blast!
We also took a day trip into NYC and saw The Little Mermaid on Broadway. The girls LOVED it! And...so did we! It was an incredible show.
The day before we left, I fell down four or five wooden steps and landed on slate. Niiiice. I was very sore on the 12 hour drive home, but just figured I was bruised up. By Monday I was really sore and decided to visit my chiropractor. Felt a little better after that, but by Wednesday, I couldn't lift my left leg off much more than one or two inches. So, I went back to the chiropractor. He couldn't adjust me because I was so sore, and he suggested I get in to see my doctor. I got an appointment on Wednesday afternoon, and after a quick examination, was told to go get some x-rays. Turns out my doctor was worried that I may have fractured my hip!
Thankfully, there is no fracture....I have been getting better, bit by bit. However, I woke up this morning with pain in my hip again, so I am not sure what to do! I am trying to take it easy, but this is a difficult feat for me! Its summertime, I have two little girls that need to have fun, we are having the young adults over tomorrow night for a get-together (that means house-cleaning), and I have Sunday School and choir to prepare for.
So, say a little prayer for me this week....I am NOT a good patient. I need to heal, and fast!
Hope you all are enjoying your summer....



Judy said...

Hey Kendra! I hope you heal quickly - take it easy on that hip, okay? Better to take it easy and bow out of a few things now than have it get worse and miss everything later, you know. I know, easier said than done!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kendra!

Get better! I'm praying for you!

alissasanderson said...

Oh, feel better soon! I know how long those deep bruises can take to heal...just take it easy, OK?

Laura said...

Hi Kendra! Glad to see that you posted again. Your trip sounds like a blast, especially seeing the Little Mermaid. I still have a Princess freak here, I know Caitlin would love it. So sorry to hear about your hip. Here's hoping & praying that you heal quickly. Enjoy the rest of the summer, it's gone by too quickly here.