Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Prince Charming

Last night we were standing in line at our favorite "healthy" fast food joint, Baja Fresh. I noticed a very nice looking man in front of us; black hair, olive-skinned, gorgeous black eyes with long lashes...etc...you get the picture! I didn't mention it because I am married to a wonderfully jealous husband! We got our food and sat down to eat.
While we were eating, Meredith piped up, "I just saw a very handsome man leave this restaurant."
"Really!" I said.
"Yes. He was very, very handsome, " she answered. "Maybe the most handsome face I have ever seen."
She proceeded to describe the man that had been standing in front of us in line! Then she asked Kelsey if she could guess the handsome man's name. Kelsey, being her silly self, guessed all sorts of crazy names. After guessing things like, "macaroni, rice, chair and grass" Merry said, "Nope. His name is Prince Charming!".
Amazing how a six-year-old's mind works!
As we were leaving the restaurant, Merry said, "Mom, I really hope that handsome man isn't married!".
I explained that if he was that handsome, he was probably either married, or well on his way to being married. Merry said, "I want him to wait until I grow up!".
I tried again to explain the slim chances to her, but she insisted.
Then she said, "I know he's not married. He lives all lonely and has a cat! And when I grow up I am going to marry him!".

And his name is Prince Charming!


Judy said...

Aw, now that's cute!

Rachel said...

Just as a Prince Charming should be!! Haha! At least you know she has good taste!!

I hope your hip is all better now?

LZ Blogger said...

Kendra Lynn ~ Baja Fresh is one of my favorite places... but the closest one to us is in Chicago. Makes for a LONG drive for dinner! ~ jb///

Cliff said...

At least the girl know's what she wants. Cute story.
You got your Princ C and she's still looking.