Saturday, November 22, 2008

"A Christmas t o Remember"

I put up my Christmas tree last night. Yes, I know its kind of early to do such a thing! However, the way the next two weeks are looking for me, I just had to do it. I couldn't figure out another time to put it up before the middle of December, and who wants to mess with a Christmas tree that late in December?
I decided to change things up a bit this year, and pretty much totally redid our tree. Previously, our tree had a lot of purple and gold and cream because those are the colors of our living room. I am tired of purple and cream. So, I bought red and green and gold ribbon and ornaments for the tree. I put colored lights on the tree. Now, I am strictly a white lights kind of girl, but my hubby likes the colored ones, so I caved. I like it...maybe its not quite as elegant as the purple and gold theme, but its nice. And the girls were SO excited last night! They danced around the living room and hung ornaments on the tree and told me that they just HAD to have cocoa and cookies before bed.

My Christmas banquet is coming together quite nicely. Just a few more things to tweak. I am relieved that people are starting to RSVP. I was sort of worried that we would only have 30 or so come, but its looking more like 60 right now.
The theme of our Christmas banquet is "A Christmas to Remember". I pray that we remember this holiday season as one of peace and joy and unity.


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Judy said...

Scott did the preliminary bush-trimming to get ready to hang the outside lights...and this chilly weather we're having here totally puts me in the mood to bring out the Christmas stuff! I'm desperately trying to hang on through Thanksgiving, but it IS tough!