Thursday, May 21, 2009


Childhood is fleeting, it passes by so quickly. I look at my girls, so carefree and happy, and I remember my childhood. They remind me of my sister and me...and of the fun, long days of childhood!

I pray that Scott and I can be the best parents possible to our girls. We were both blessed with very loving families. I hope that we can do a good job, raising our girls up to be good moral people. They are so innocent right now. They barely understand that there is evil in the world.

I want them to grow up, knowing that being a good person is important...that having high morals is a necessity. I want them to be Godly, patriotic American citizens, and always stand up for what is right and true! Right now, they are sweet and kind (most of the time), and believe in God. I love that about my girls. They are friendly and loving toward everyone they meet, no matter color, or religion or economic differences. I hope they stay that way...that we can raise them up to love all people, no matter who they are or where they come from.

Meredith was playing the other day, and I overheard her conversation with her Barbie doll:

"Jesus, You ARE God! And God, You are the Only One that IS!"

That is good theology, right there. I think she's been paying attention in church!
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Stacey said...

What precious memories. I likewise look at my girls at this young age and think of my sister and I. Although my girls are not as close in age as we were I pray that they are still as close in heart and spirit as we were.

I love having a Sister, and I know you do too. A Sister is a perfect gift from God.

You once gave me a card for my baby shower with Aleia, it said..."cherish each moment with your little girl for they fade quickly, sing to her, pray with her and take time for her," I've held onto those words for 4 years now...Thank you for ministering to me unknowingly.

Love ya girl.

Anonymous said...

The pictures remind me of when my sisters and I were young and running through a sprinkler was such fun. I'm thankful for the memories. You're helping your girls have wonderful memories that they will treasure and cherish. Just keep loving them and letting them know they're loved. You and Scott are doing well with your daughters. Connie W.