Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Lovely, Exhausting Weekend

This weekend was our church's special dedication services. Wow....what a weekend! We worked so hard on this, and it really payed off. The congregation worked on the building nearly every day for the past two months or so. We got it looking really nice, invited many, many people, and had two special services this weekend.

Our Saturday night service was mainly for ministers and friends of the Pastor and his wife (they are my parents, for those of you who may not know.). A few of the ministers spoke and reminisced about my parents and their friendships with them. They spoke many encouraging words about my father and his ministry. It was such a blessing to be there.
My choir sang, and my mom, my sister and myself sang as well. We used to be known in the Michigan UPCI district as "The Roberts Trio", and traveled from church to church once in awhile to sing. It was wonderful to sing with them again. There is nothing like family harmony.
We had wonderful fellowship with our congregation and with the visiting ministers.

Today we had our second service, combined with an Open House for our friends and the community. That went very well. We had a lot of visitors show up for our Sunday School hour and some stayed for our service as well.
Once again, my choir sang, as well as the children's choir and our a cappella group. Everything went really well, and I feel so thankful for the many friends my family has accumulated over the years.

God is an awesome God, and I will forever praise Him!

Friday, April 04, 2008

Excellent News!

I have VERY good news! My sister called me today to update me on Granny. She is doing very well. They took her off the oxygen, started taking her for little strolls, she is eating, her bladder infection is clearing up....AND....they started her on an Alzheimer's medication. My Granny hasn't spoken more than a word or two at a time for probably two years. They have been giving her this medication for a couple days now, and she has been speaking lots of words and some sentences! This is a miracle!
I talked to my Papa, and he sounded so encouraged. They are going to keep her on the medication and see what happens.
Obviously, the medication does not cure Alzheimer's, but it stalls it. And it seemingly helps the person's mind to be sharper and more aware of their surroundings.
I am so thankful for the small miracles. God is so good!
Thank you all for your prayers. I know they helped!

I will keep you updated.


Thursday, April 03, 2008

Update On Granny

Just a quick update. The results of the scan of her lungs have not been released yet, we are still waiting to hear about that. Her infection is clearing up, however. Her fever broke in the night, and she is resting well today.
Thank you all for your prayers, I really appreciate them.
The doctor wants her to stay in the hospital for another day and then they will release her and they are planning on sending an in-home nurse to their house for a couple of weeks to take care of Granny.
When I know more, I will give another update.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008


No real news on Granny yet. They found that she needed oxygen and that her white blood count was very high. She has a bladder infection, and they are keeping her in the hospital for a few days. Papa is supposed to find out how her lung x-rays came out today.
My sister and one of my cousins are going down there to help out for a few days. OH I wish I could go! I hate that I am too busy to leave when Papa needs me!
At least somebody can go and sit with him at the hospital.
When I find out some more news, I will post another update.
Thanks for your prayers.


Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Sadness is my close friend this evening. My mom called and said that my Papa had to call an ambulance to take my Granny to the hospital. You know things must be really bad for him to take her to a hospital. She has Alzheimer's and has been getting steadily worse for quite awhile now. Today he found her hunched over, staring into space, totally unresponsive.
I have a terrible time with this. My Granny was always such an active person. She worked hard her whole life, even when they retired and moved back to Tennessee. When she wasn't cleaning her house, or helping someone else who was in need, she was fishing with my Papa, or working at their church.
Its so hard to think of her like this, like a child. And now, like someone who very well may be close to death.
I am sad.
I try to think of the good times, and there were many of them, but its hard to remember them at this moment.
Please pray for my Papa, and that God would be with my Granny.
I will post more when I know more.