Sunday, November 20, 2005

Conveniently Yours Part Two

Okay...sorry it took me so long to finish this story, guys!

Conveniently Yours Lawn Care came back yesterday and finished our shrubs. ABOUT TIME!!! Anyway, it turns out that they don't usually prune green shrubs/trees. Apparently they only prune things that AREN'T green.
Scott pointed out to "Ron" that all of our neighbors had their green shrubs pruned. He also pointed out that CYLC didn't state that particular fact in their advertisement or when they were doing an estimate. Scott suggested that "Ron" consider putting that little fact in their paperwork.

So, we convinced them to prune the green shrubs, and FINALLY my house looks ready for the winter!
Whew...thank goodness that ordeal is behind us!


jane said...
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Terry said...


So thankful here in teh north country we dont have to trim our shrubs, they're called trees,, we just let the snow cover them!hehehe

Love ya


Judy said...

Crazy - glad that it all got worked out!

Brandonia1 said...
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Brandonia1 said...

Sry i did this backwards...i talked about this in the newer section...anyway i like hearing stories like this one. Through your pain i found humor. Thank You. Haha Ha!
It just seemed funny and very as well as interesting to read about.

Im glad you were able to get through the whole ordeal having kept a postive christian attitude. Now that its all said and done i van give Kudo's 2u 4that.

Your FosterBrother
; )