Friday, November 18, 2005

Conveniently Yours here's my latest gripe.
We have this "great" lawn service. We really haven't had much problem with them for the past two years, but the past two weeks have been absolutely UNBELIVABLE!

I got our bill from Conveniently Yours Lawn Care two weeks ago. The statement said I owe them $185.00. Well, I paid a big chunk of change to them last month, so I know this is not correct. I put the bill in a pile and decided to call them in a day or two when I got the time.
I noticed that they put a flyer in with the statement announcing that they do fall pruning and leaf removal. Great! I'll ask for an estimate when I call.

I finally got around to calling them two days later. I got an answering machine. I left a nice little message stating that I wanted to know how much I owe them and that I was interested in the fall pruning.

THREE days later, someone finally called me. "Ron", the owner, called and said that he'd be out the next day to give me an estimate on the pruning. Great! Sounds marvellous. I asked him about my bill, and this is what he told me; "Oh, my mom takes care of the financial side of things! She'll get back to you when she can."
Okay. So he comes out and gives me an estimate. $65.00. I can handle that.

"We'll be out on Wednesday to take care of the pruning and leaf removal, " says Ron.

I came home on Wednesday and walked in the house. I said, "Hey, Scott, looks like Conveniently Yours didn't come prune yet, huh?"
Scott said, "Oh no, they were here YESTERDAY, and I saw a guy working on the shrubs."
EXCUSE ME? My shrubs were NOT pruned! We have NINE shrubs in the front of our house. THREE of them MIGHT have been pruned. The leaves were mostly gone, but my shrubs were NOT pruned!

(Oh, by the way, I tried calling "Ron's" mom three times in between talking to him and the "pruning". NO RETURN CALL.)

So, I get on the phone and leave yet another message (the fifth one)telling Ron that my shrubs were not pruned.
I must have sounded angry because he called me back within two hours and apologized for making me mad. LOL...MAD???? NO...I AM FURIOUS!
He told me that they would be out TODAY, November 18th to prune the rest of the shrubs.

So...I hear the guys come prune the shrubs. I'm in the basement, Scott's office, working on a website for one of his clients, and I can hear them working out there. They worked for about 5-10 minutes. I told Scott that I'd feel better if he went out to check on them. As he was opening the door, they were driving off. And guess what? MY SHRUBS WERE NOT PRUNED! The three piddly little ones they "pruned" last time are hacked to bits, but the remaining six are still as overgrown as ever.

I AM SO PEEVED!!!! Can you believe it? Scott called TWICE today to tell them how mad we are...and no call back yet. LOL. I think I am NOT paying a penny of that bill until they come and do the shrubs...and there is NO way I'm paying the $65.00 fee for fall pruning if they have to come back and do it THREE TIMES TO GET IT RIGHT!
Any of you living in the Canton area, FIND ANOTHER LAWN SERVICE. This one does NOT live up to its name!!!! CONVENIENT??? YEAH RIGHT.

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Judy said...

Oh, Kendra, I'm so sorry! I'm such a hacker on my bushes, but I'd rather it be me ruining them than someone else! What a pain! Hopefully the timing is just all off for them and they'll get this straightened out for you soon!