Thursday, November 17, 2005

New Milestones

Well, its been awhile since I posted. Sorry about that. Life gets hectic sometimes. :) We are all busy around here getting ready for our Christmas service at church, and it seems to be an all-consuming job.
But that's not what I wanted to post!

Merry has been learning something new every week since starting preschool. She knows her colors, some of her letters, and she's learning how to play with other kids. I love watching her grow up a little more each day.
Last week she surprised me by spelling her name for me! I was showing her to make the letter "M" and I said, "Your name starts with the letter "M". "M"..." And she said, "E-R-Y". At first I thought that she was just saying a bunch of letters, but when I asked her if she could spell her name, she said, "M-E-R-Y". She consistently leaves out that second "R", but she KNOWS how to spell her name! I could not believe it!

Then, while my dad was keeping her earlier this week, she learned how to play a game on his laptop...all by herself! Its an alphabet game. Part of the game is learning how to distinguish between capital and lower-case letters. She's learning how to do that! But this is not as impressive as what I'm going to tell you about next. Meredith learned how to POSITION THE ARROW OF THE MOUSE ON THE SCREEN WHERE SHE WANTED IT AND SHE LEARNED HOW TO CLICK TO CHOOSE SOMETHING. lots of three year olds know how to do this...I really have no idea. What I was impressed about was that she can use the mouse on a LAPTOP. Something that I, the MOMMY, still struggle with!
Kids these days...I tell ya.

Well...I'll post more later.

p.s. Kelsey is making milestones as well...learning to count and bargain and trying to spell her name. I will have more on her next time.

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Judy said...

It is AMAZING how much quicker Travis picks up stuff computerish than I do - the other day he was watching me create a spreadsheet and I couldn't find the tab to set the print area. He told me to look under the file and it would be there...HOW DID HE KNOW THAT????