Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Its the Best Time of the Year

Well, the holidays are here! We had a marvellous Thanksgiving in New Jersey with Scott's family, and as usual, my mom-in-law spoiled us something fierce! Thanks, Mom, you are a sweetheart! :)

Now we are back home, and rushing to get things ready for "the Best Time of the Year". At least, that's how I think of it!
Scott is putting up Christmas lights on our house as I write this, and loving the fact that, because he is using LED lights, all the lights are actually LIT!

I am busy trying to get our Christmas program together for church, and get my house in order for Christmas...those two alone take up all of my free time! I haven't even really started my Christmas shopping.

But, it will, as usual, all come together.
I hope that all of you, my friends and family, are enjoying the hustle and bustle of the season.
I will be posting some pictures from our New Jersey trip as time allows.



Judy said...

Welcome home! I just made my baking list this afternoon with Travis - cannot WAIT to get started!

Brandonia1 said...

Hey sister Kendra!
I sat down tonight and read your posts and i love them, I bookmarked your page so that i can stay updated whats popin...I guess Rob n his Mom were a real pain sry to hear you had to deal with that hassel, but on the bright side you made a great blog about the experience and you dont have to deal with them untill next year, now that the seasons changing. ...LOL...
Anyway im glad to hear your Jersy trip was a hit and im glad you all made it back safe.

I heard scott lost his license, Fight the system SCOTT!!! I would like to see a post about the event and interested in his coarse of action to the incedent. Am i allowed to make a request???
Much love,