Thursday, December 15, 2005

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas...

Well...its white alright! Its been snowing here all day long. I'm not sure how many inches we have, but we got at least one inch, possibly two, in the past hour and a half.
The snow halfway up my calf, and over Kelsey's chubby little knees.
I took the girls out today to play in the snow, and they had a blast! I'm so glad I picked up snowpants for them from WalMart. Now they can roll in the snow as much as they want to!

We're heading to my sister's tomorrow for our family Christmas party. My parents, the girls, my foster brother, and Scott and I are going to be in Tennessee with my grandparents for Christmas. Therefore, we are doing an early Christmas party with my sister and her family.
I can't wait to give Zachariah all his presents. Yes...Auntie Kenna went a little over-budget on Zach. But what can I say? He's sooo cute! I had to buy him three different presents. And one of them is a backpack FULL of stuff!
Ah well...
I did better Christmas shopping for the girls.
Last year I went so overboard! Scott and I had a serious talk about keeping it simple this did. All of their gifts are small and simple, and I didn't spend too much money. They will actually play with everything I bought them...for once!

well...the snow isn't going to let up until we are stuck at home tonight.
Church was cancelled on account of the weather, and I will probably putz around here until the girls go to bed and then settle down to watch a movie. With some hot chocolate...yeah...that sounds great!

Love to you all...stay safe, if you are travelling in this weather!


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Judy said...

Been watching the weather and was wondering how it was up there! Stay warm and be safe when travelling!