Thursday, December 08, 2005

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!

Oh my goodness! Its so beautiful here! We could get up to eight inches of snow tonight, and its gorgeous outside! The girls and I drove home from church VERY carefully, and as soon as we got home, changed into our snowpants and headed out for a few minutes. Merry insisted that Mommy make "Christmas Angels" in the snow. I came in quite wet and cold, but I had a very happy little girl because I actually laid down to make snow angels!
The girls look so cute in their pink and purple snow pants and jackets...they are so excited about winter!
If we ever DO move to Traverse City, they are going to LOVE the winter weather!

Well, the bedtime "bell" is about to ring, so I better wrap it up and get the girlys to bed.

Goodnight, All!

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grammy said...

I'm glad you took the girls out to play at night. We used to do that on occassion with you and Katie, remember?
It is always so "light" out that you don't think it's bedtime, so why not play awhile!
I enjoyed looking at all the pics. I agree with Lauren. . .keep them coming.