Monday, December 19, 2005

Ten Random Things About Me

Okay...Judy got me started on this goes.


1. I am an avid reader...when I get the time! (I own at least 400 Christian novels)

2. I LOVE any weird flavor of hot tea.

3. I have road the LOOSEST sense of that phrase.

4. I have NEVER cut or trimmed my hair.

5. I wear a skirt every single day of my life. (or a dress)

6. I always fold my husband's underwear, even though he takes it and throws it in his drawer with no consideration for my efforts. Its just habit.

7. I am a major procrastinator...I hate that about me.

8. I am loyal unto death.

9. I would rather read or write than shop or talk.

10. My family is my highest priority, next to God.


patti roberts said...

Ten Random Things About Me. . .
1. I love to walk down a railroad track in Autumn
2. I love Mary Janes ( the pink, white and black Haloween taffy)
3. I used to be skinny
4. My mind is never far from my family
5. I have a horrible time keeping my cuticles healthy
6. I sometimes wish I were someone's puppy
7. I wish I had gone to college
8. I have naturally curly hair (which was a bummer in the '60's and '70's, when Cher Bono had such long sleek hair)
9. I can whistle very well
10.My favorite food is peaches

Judy said...

I'm a total procrastinator, too, which doesn't sit well with the perfectionist part of me! HAHA

Cee said...

I am a major procrastinator too. There should be a support group, I thought about starting one but I keep putting it off.

Is the fact that you have never trimmed your hair for religious reasons? I had a friend that had never trimmed her hair for that reason. Sorry if I am being too nosey.

Carolj said...

It was fun to read that! Thanks for posting.

I didn't start trimming my hair on a regular basis until recently (a few year ago). Some people can get away with not trimming! Have you ever been to They have some great forums with a lot of tips on hair care, lots of hair journals, pics (for members with a certain amount of posts), reviews etc. My sis really likes that place!