Tuesday, December 13, 2005

A Prayer Request

Hey everyone:
Sorry I haven't posted anything recently. We have some virus going around here, and both girls and Scott have been sick. Merry has had a low-grade fever for three days, and I've been pretty busy taking care of some really grouchy girls.

Please pray for us, that we get well soon! I cannot afford to get sick right now. We have our Christmas program at church on Sunday, and I am in charge of it. So...getting sick right now would be really bad!

Thank you for your prayers.
May God bless and keep you this holiday season.



Judy said...

Kendra, God is good - he will take care of you the way you need to be taken care of best. He's holding your hands right now, staying beside you as you care for your family and giving you strength. I'll keep you all in my prayers!

Jim Fisher said...


I saw your posting on my brothers blog asking about my babys. Your such a thoughtful person. Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I'm trying to get my neighbors digital camera to post some new pictures. Anyway, everyone is fine. Josh and Lil are growing so fast (my wife is pumping which helps). They are truely a blessing. I dont know how my wife does it when I'm at work, Its hard enough when I am home and both of us are taking care of them . Hot meals are rare for us but love isn't. They are six weeks now.
Love all the pictures, your girls are so cute.
God Bless