Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Fat is Winning....

I've been having this war with my body...will the fat win, or will I slim down to a size eight THIS year?
Okay, folks, the fat seems to be winning.
I went tonight with my friend, Alissa, to a beginners exercise class...oh my word.
I thought I'd never survive it! I know my thighs alone have to weigh a good ten pounds each! Why am I cursed with this shape and these thighs???
I was sweating and red in the face within the first ten minutes of the hour-long class.
Something has to be done here. I will NOT allow the fat to win! No way!
I may never be a size eight again, but surely I can achieve a size ten! Is that asking too much?
(Don't answer that question...I forbid it.)

So, I will begin to exercise on a regular basis. I will do my best to eat healthy and to refrain from being the couch potato that I tend to be. I will succeed.
And in case you are wondering, SOMEDAY I WILL be a size ten!


Judy said...

First rule of thumb - Do NOT diet! Diets do not help in the long run. Losing weight happens when you make life changes...oh geez, now I'm sounding like my Positive Choices class at church! But, that's what we've been talking about. You are taking a HUGE first step with the exercise class. Just keep at it!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

most days I feel like the fat is winning here too...

all thru hish shcool i was scranny and un healthy looking..size 4/5..

now adays its more like a 12...I would like a 9/ least sinlge digits anyway..haha

dont worry..the fat WONT win;)

patti roberts said...

I have no doubt that you'll get the upper hand, honey! Just keep on visiting those classes with Alissa-even if it means I have to baby-sit
Love ya,

Lauren said...

You are beautiful!!! Huh!? Are you sure you're not a size 8 right now? You look like it!

Ok, regardless, it's how you feel about yourself and I understand. Kendra, I'm so proud of you for getting up the energy and courage to start exercising and eating right. It is so hard! Well, you will be my role model. Want to do this together!? :)

One thing, remember, it's not always "a number" that should be your goal, but how you feel about yourself. I know though...if I was a size ten I would jump for joy all over the neighborhood.

I love you lots! Keep up the great work and let me know if you want to some how make a team diet blogger's ring. Judy, you're into this kind of stuff, right? Walking and such?

Hope Wilbanks said...

It's just hard. After my second child, my body has not been the same. I've struggled for two years now to lose the weight. I did lose 30 pounds last year while my husband was in Iraq, but I've already gained 10 of those back since he came back home a couple of months ago. It's something all women struggle with. We just have to learn to become happy with who we are, no matter what size we're in. ;)

Anonymous said...

Whatever your size is, you look beautiful, both outwardsly and inwardly. I'm proud of you for deciding to do something now, though, instead of waiting (like I've done!). Connie W