Wednesday, February 15, 2006

My Very Wonderful Husband....

I have a very wonderful husband. I praise him all the time to my friends and family.
I think he's practically perfect...almost. :)
He always treats me with respect and loves me to pieces.
He's a great daddy and a very good son-in-law.
He works very hard and very LONG hours sometimes. (but that means that he's not lazy, right?)

He took me to Orlando with him for three days this week. (I sorta talked him into it...but he was happy to take me.)

We left Sunday night and arrived in Orlando around midnight. It was COLD, PEOPLE!!! I mean, shivering, teeth-chattering, finger-numbing cold! Come to find out...Orlando had a cold snap scheduled for our mini-vacation/business trip. Great. It was about 35 degrees when we arrived...the next day, I THINK it got up to 50...Monday night it went down to 29 degrees, folks!!! I have NEVER been a huge fan of Florida...but come on! I was lookin' forward to nice, spring-like weather...maybe be able to go without a know. We had to go comb the city for a winter coat for me. I have NO idea why we always have to buy me a jacket...EVERY trip we take. I don't think there have been any exceptions...I'm serious. I always forget my jacket, think I don't need it, misplace it...SOMETHING.

Okay...enough about the cold...let's move on to the hotel.

We stayed in the DoubleTree at the Entrance of Universal Studios. It is a VERY NICE hotel.
We arrived there around one a.m. Monday. I was starving...I hadn't eaten since five on Sunday evening, and I wanted something to eat. Of course, everything was closed in Taco Bell to be found, so I figured I would settle for some cookies or chips from a vending machine. Guess what??? DoubleTree has NO snack machines. Not a one. They managed to dig up a cookie for me...and sent me off to my room.

When we got in our room, we discovered that the maid hadn't been very thorough. The former occupant's stirfry was still in the tv cabinet...and the ice bucket had dirty melted ice in it. Wow...okay.
So we call front desk and they move us to another room. It is now 2a.m. and I am ready for bed. I fall into my bed, exhausted and sleep in while Scott goes to some seminars in the morning.

I wake up, ravenous...and head down to find some a bagel and part of a danish and go to find Scott. He's still in seminars so...I go back to the room, watch daytime tv, and wait.

I join Scott around one for some more seminars, then go up to my room for a brief nap. Around five, we decide to go hunt down some food.
Now, Orlando is NOT a small city. We talked to the concierge...who was NOT helpful, and went in search of this GREAT restaurant that he recommended. He assured us that we would get express seating with this special card he gave us. We gave our car keys to the valet, and went inside. It was a "reservation-only" place...and they couldn't seat us for an hour and a half. we tried another place that the guy told us luck hour wait. We finally went to Universal CityWalk...a place with seven restaurants and some shops. We went to the first place...sorry...we are having a private party tonight...and don't try HardRock Cafe, because they are having a private party, too. we go to Emeril's...yes...the tv chef...and No...they can't seat us until ten that evening...try the next place over..nope...sorry...we can't seat you either...try such and such...nope...private party. It is now seven-thirty...and I am starving again.
We went into a shop and got the girls a little gift and headed back to the hotel for room service.
It took room service over an hour to get us our steaks!!!!! I was so mad.
I ate almost every bite..PLUS dessert...and enjoyed a movie...

The next day was almost the same as the first...except that it was Valentine's Day...and we didn't have reservations for that evening! Scott went and talked to another conceirge, who called about 15 restaurants for us before finding one that could take us.
We went to lunch and a bookstore and then I went up for another nap, while Scott was in another seminar. I got to our room, and we had NO water. LOL...this hotel was a TRIP!!! The water was off for about three hours. Fortunately it came on before we went out, and I was able to freshen up and brush my teeth.
We went out and had a very nice dinner at a Japanese Hibachi steakhouse. Then we went to another bookstore, played a round of golf and went back to our room to watch a movie. I discovered that the maid had made our beds, but hadn't left us any clean towels...however, she removed the dirty ones, so we were left without any towels. We called for clean towels. Forty-five minutes and three calls later, someone FINALLY brought us some towels!!! I have never been so angry in my life! I ended up going to bed at midnight instead of eleven because some housekeeper couldn't find time to bring me up some towels!

My wonderful husband was VERY patient with my ranting and raving...and we had a great time. But we have both decided that we hate Orlando...with a passion!

Our Valentine's getaway was anything but dull, and I love my man more than ever. All you single gals out there, LOOK FOR SOMEONE LIKE SCOTT! I am totally serious.

p.s. And I discovered that he STILL LOOKS REALLY HOT IN A TUX!


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

ok, that sounds like a vaction I would have....and it bites it was cold, who wants to go to florida in the winter, only to have it freezing cold?..that would be my luck too;)

Nicole said...

Wow Sister Kendra,
Sounds like you two had quite a trip. At least I know what city not to visit. lol. Have a Blessed Day!

Love Ya, Nicole

Judy said...

Sorry your trip was! What a run of luck! There would have been some compensation coming back to me on that bill after all of that!

Anonymous said...

These are the kinds of trips you'll never forget about. And you have a sense of humor about it. I think we have to find the humor in situations or CRY. Connie W.