Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The First Official Workout

Okay...tonight was my first official workout. Scott and I went to Lifetime, and did an actual workout! I was so excited. Now I am so tired.
The girls had me up every hour last night...with various complaints...so I didn't sleep all that well. (obviously)
I took them to Jungle Java today to try to use up any energy they might have, but that didn't work, either. When naptime rolled around, Merry got up three times in an hour before finally falling asleep. (after she had a spanking, woke up her sister, and had another spanking.)
My nap was non-existent.

So...after working out tonight, I am soooo tired. I'm sure I'll be a little bit sore tomorrow, as well. I'm thinkin' that I'm going to sleep awfully well tonight. IF the little munchkins stay in their beds asleep.

Say a prayer for lil 'ol me, okay?


Angela Richardson said...

Hi, Kendra!
Congratulations on your first workout; I can totally relate, as this is my exact situation at the moment since the birth of Natalie. I have been walking at least 1 hour per day, drinking lots of water and doing pilates; however, I am definitely joining a gym in Cali!
You are such a lovely person both inside and out, and you'll do great in your new venture.

Enjoy your day!

Angela Richardson

Judy said...

Stick with it! I hope the girls didn't keep you up too much last night!

Judy said...

Hey - saw on Lauren's blog that you weren't doing so hot today - take it easy and feel better soon, okay?