Friday, December 08, 2006


Tomorrow our church is going to a nursing home here in the area. We will be doing some caroling and we put together some Christmas goodie bags for the people in the home.
I (with the help of my good friend, Amy!) put together about 75 goodie bags tonight.
I didn't realize how much work it takes to organize that many bags of stuff!
Thankfully Amy came to my rescue, and the work was done if half the time.

I'm looking forward to the caroling tomorrow.
The elderly in nursing homes always enjoy singing and people visiting.
I try to bring my kids when we go do stuff like this because it never fails, children ALWAYS bring a smile.

Sunday night, after church, we are having a youth and young adults Christmas party at our house.
That will also be loads of fun!
Scott has a "marshmellow gun" that he made, (okay...NUMEROUS marshmellow guns!) and we will be having marshmellow gun wars out in the yard. I will try to capture a few pictures and post them for your enjoyment.

Take care, and everyone have a marvellous weekend!


Alissa said...

Our high school choir went caroling to nursing homes. It always made me sad, even though I knew we were bringing joy.

Can't wait to see the marshmallow guns!

Mike ( ex scientia, veritas ) said...

The caroling and gifting sound like fun! The pictures should be great, too. We'll look forward to them.

Mike ( ex scientia, veritas ) said...

Sounds fun! Can't wait for the pictures. I don't think my last comment posted???

Judy said...

Oooh, hope the caroling tonight was fun! Marshmallow wars, can't say I know what you are talking about, so definitely post pictures!

Carolj said...

Yes, the children do bring smiles to the residents. :-) I'm glad you all are going! I'm sure the residents will enjoy it. :-)

Marshmallow guns? This I gotta see... :D

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

What a wonderful thing to do Kendra...And brining goodie bads, too! I am sure those people are increddibly grateful for the gifts and the caroling, too!

I am unfamiliar with a marshmellow gun! After one hits you you can eat it, right? (lol) Sounds like fun!

Laura said...

Oh, that is such of an awesome idea..taking treat bags. I bet that the residents loved it! Kids (and dogs) always make them smile.
One year, my parents brought marshmallow guns for my brothers for Christmas, oh, was that fun to see them hunt each other down and shoot the guns. Our dogs had fun eating up the "ammunition".

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

so how was your caroling?

we do that too with the church choir...we dont make goodie bags cuz many of them are dieabtics or something..and the nursing home wont allow it...less work for me i gueess;)